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I think they're interesting too. I didn't watch the vid, but, to be honest, I can barely read ANYTHING anymore unless an alternate reality is involved.

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Alternate realities are sometimes better than the normal realities.

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I love them!!!!! As u said, you get to see a different perspective on the characters or events that we all love from the main universe. Personaly, even though I like the movies I HATE when they translate into comics,I don't read no pre or post comics revolving around any of the films. I look at it as the same way I would look at filler in anime,which is useless. The Dc one million,DC 3000, AGe of Apocalypse and Justice League Unlimited all appeal to me and so does Injustice. I haven't played the game and I honestly ain't in no rush to but I have been reading a few of the comics and since the series has become so popular it looks like its taking on a life of its own,to which i don't mind.Anyways that's my two-cents :p......Great video by the way. peace!!!,

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Alternate realities are always a mixed bag with me. Sometimes they can be a place for new takes on a character can be given, while leaving the original character intact (which can be neat) but sometimes they are used as simple plot devices to fix a hole in the story which just ends up as lazy writting.

Tho, as a comic company practice I usually don't like to see many alternate reality books. This is only because a company can only put out so many titles at one time and whenever a AU book comes out it almost always focuses on a character who already has one or two titles in the current universe. For me I would much rather have the slots filled with Main U books of the other characters that don't get much chance to shine. I mean S.W.O.R.D. got cancelled but we still have half a dozen Wolverien-centric books.

I suppose this point is more personal and not one that can serve as a blanket opinion for all comic readers, but all my favorite characters never seem to be the ones to get their own book or a substantial focus on a team book so it gets a little disheartening to be flooded with Batman Titles when a few of those slots could go to giving others characters their own audience.

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Alternate realities are hit and miss with me. It's its in graphic novel form where that universe will have an ending as soon as the book ends? Yeah, I love those! Gives you a break from the status quo and yet doesn't over complicate itself by trying to make itself a big open ended universe.

Alternate realities such as Ultimate Marvel? Well I only really read Ultimate Spider-Man up until the death of Ult. Peter Parker(How I hate that I have to differentiate now so draw from that what you will. Now I do like some of the ideas in the Ultimate universe, don't get me wrong. Mutations being due to a virus instead of genetics is interesting and gives more credit to the "hated and feared" thing mutants deal with. Captain America being a confirmed superhuman instead of the "Eh, KINDA superhuman" he is in the mainstream 616. However I don't like Ultimate Marvel as a whole by ANY means.

Alternate realities I don't like are the New 52 DC Universe anything past the original Dark Knight Returns since Frank Miller's Dark Knight Strikes Again just further shows the man's increasing insanity.