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Best Deadpool armor 0

I've read a lot of funny stuff but nothing like this. This issue is not only funny but also action packed. And not to mention the MEAT SUIT. I believe the suit without the helmet looks awesome. I know it's for joke purposes but I think the suit looks more cool then funny like when Deadpool made a armor out of the body parts of Predator X. I don't know about you but Deadpool should start making suits...

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Worst Deadpool issue 0

I thought the merc with a mouth with spiderman would be good. But in the end I saw a lame 3 part peace of junk. I didn't like how this doesn't change anything in any way. And I didn't like how spiderman and deadpool had to team up just to take down a monkey? In my opinion this would make a good firestarter...

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Best Batman armor 0

I love this issue because I love Jean Paul Valley. Jean's armor is always the coolest, and I always belived Jean's batman suit was one of the coolest armors ever.   I think you guys/gals should get the graphic novel (prefably volume 2).   Trust me you won't regret it....

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Coolest team up ever 0

This comic was truely extrordinary. I think it's great to have another cable and deadpool comic. It also shows that Deadpool had a pivitol role in Messiah complex. The only thing now is to have him appear in second coming.    I think the coolest part of the issue was when Deadpool dressed himself with the body parts of predator X.    This is one for the collection kids...

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Best MWAM issue ever! 0

I really loved this issue out of any of the merc with a mouth issues. First of all the cover is just fantastic. Second of all I loved how they used different artists for each universe. My personal favorite artist was the one who did lady deadpool's universe as for I really didn't like the artist for major Deadpool's universe. Other than that I really loved this comic out of any of the MWAM issues....

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