Wonder Woman Costume Change

This is actually aconversation I had with .Mistress Redhead. I posted on her thread about the DC reboot saying I wanted Wonder Woman to have purple bracelets. A pink lasso and a sparkly tiara were mentioned. We had so much fun with this. MR is truly hilarious. So, here we go. 

MR: OOH I like the purple bracelets!

Me: I know, right? I didn't want to go too crazy, like "make her laso pink, and put sparkles on her tiara" so I thought the bracelets were a nice touch


Me: We should pitch this to DC. I'd love to see Didio's reaction.

MR: HA HA I think Paul Dini would love it... maybe we could get Simone on side.. past that I think we may have trouble..

Me: Yeah, DIni and Simone would definetley love it. Johns would be totally against it. And Jim Lee since he designed the new costume.

MR: IDK I think Jim may like it, sometimes I think he just wants to draw unicorns...

Me: So if Geoff is a no then the score is

Us: 3

Things are looking decently good. Now we need Morisson, hmm.

MR: How to get him on side..... *thinks* Lollipops?

Me: Banana lolipops?

MR: Brilliant... now what about Diane? she is a woman so I am thinking she will just love the sparkles...

Me: Perfect! I mean, after we've got Diane, we can fly through anyone. So next we have to find someone who would draw this.

MR: Oh that is a tough one....see again I want to see Dini do it.. just cause I think he would enjoy it..But then if I had the powers of Greyskull I would bring Michael Turner back from the dead.. he would NAIL IT!

Me: Dini could co-write it with his sock monkeys! And Michael Turner would do great on it! I sorta want to see Jamie McKelvie do it. It would be like retro mod Wonder Woman.Only different.

MR: We should get someone good at Photoshop to fix it up so we have a basis for our idea,...

Me: Totally. Who's good at Photoshop?

MR: I know a few of the RPGers are... but not sure any of them would be on board with our project...

Me: As for the RPGers, I sure they would modify my character, like on a card or something, I don't know.

So, we started off with this picture from the awesome Jamie McKelvie.

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And MR's amazing husband Final Arrow came up with this.