So I've heard a lot of things about Phonogram and I'm curious about Kieron Gillen.
I'm a Gillen too and there aren't many of us who've made it big in any particular field.
I'd like to support the guy but I'm on a budget.
Any body out there recommend the series? 
Convince me.

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Hidden Gem's?

It's always great to find new comics. New great comics are even better.  

I'm sure we've all read some thing that was a little under the radar that we really enjoyed. 
Maybe it just get get the recognition it deserved or it's a few years old now and people need to be reminded of it.
So come on 'viners. Sharing's caring.
I'll start the ball rolling with the early issues of Static's series from back in the day. They'll always stand as some of my favourite comics ever.  
They were good enough to warrant an animated series.

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Any One Seen The Surfer?

So I've always kinda liked the Silver Surfer but he's been kinda quite for a while now.
I know he was in one of Marvels more recent space odysseys but my budget didn't allow me to pick it up.
Any one fill me in on what Norrin Rad's been up to and what his current status is?

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I'm gonna see Ironman 2 next week :D

So some how us lucky devils over in merry ole England are being given Ironman 2 before the US. Just like we did with Kick-Ass.
I'm gonna see it as soon as possible and will be more than happy to answer any ones questions as long as I'm spoiling any thing.
Post here if you've got any queries and I'll get back to you.

 Tal to the hand
 Tal to the hand
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Review of Controversy

I'm looking for quest points so I've wrote my controversial reveiw.
It's Superman: Secret Origin#4. My honest opinion.
It's not gonna make me very popular.
I'd liek to hear what every one else thingks though.


Stuff I'm havin' problems with.

So I thought I knew the X-stuff but I'm having some real trouble with X-overs and the X-X-men.
How is Age of Apocolypse not in X-overs?
Who's died that I can't remember?
Help me out.
(Woo Hoo! At least I get points for this blog :D )


Bizarro: How Bizzare is too bizzare?

One of the first comic I remember readin was a British reprint of John Byrnes Man of Steel #5 updating Bizarro.
This Bizarro was an imperfect clone of Superman who'd gone wandering Metropolis dressed sort of half Clark and half Superman.  He seemed to have very similar powers to Superman but wasn't very smart. Let's just say he probably didn't go to college.
I liked this one. Even then when I was only around seven years old.
Now before I carry on I should explain one thing. I'm a big fan of the classic character and status quo's. Me, Alex Ross and Geoff Johns Get together once a month to go bowling and talk about the silver age. Hate when some new writer comes on and decides they're gonna improve every thing by changing every thing. Introducing sweeping sweeping changes or a whole new look.  Just seems like an easy option. "I can't come up with any thing to do with this character/ team so I'll just change every thing"
(Ok. ok. I admit it. It does some times work out)
 How ever, I want to read stories with some grounding in reality. That might sound crazy from a superhero fan but imagine The X-Files or Heroes. Fantastical situation surounded by plausably and good characterisation. I don't enjoy stores that feel like children's entertainment. Comics never got the respect they're due here in England so I get enough lip from people as it is. This is a large part of why I'm more a Marvel man than DC. The Marvel style seems more of a story where as DC can often feel like pure escapism and I like the story.
Now that's out of the way I think you can see where I'm goin'. I like Bizarro and think there's a lot of potential there but I really can't stand the current version of the character.
The whole backwards speaking, every-power's-the-exact-opposite thing (right down to freeze vision and heat breathe), Bizarro world's been reintroduced, his "S" shield's backwards and more often than not he's depicted weart that ridiculous "Bizarro #1" medalion.
I want to start reading Superman again but it's the way every silly idea evey used is being brought back that I'm finding off putting. I'm a grown up now and I don't want although I'm a huge fgan of the stars of the stories I don't want childrens entertainment. 
Much as I enjoy Geoff Johns work this is why I'm slightly disappointed with his version of the superman origin. Turns out Clark was Superboy, freeze breath's been used and some Lex grew up in Smallville but doesn't seem to recognise Superman. That one feels as though it might be just to push things in line with Smallvillewhich doesn't sit well with me.
Don't get me wrong. The diologue and story in general works and I love the fact that we're now told Superman wasn't accepted right away by Metropolis. It's just the old ideas that I don't work for me.
I'm really hopin' Geoff will do me a huge favour and write a version of Bizarro that works for an adult audience. Maybe a sort of mute HULK type in a tattered Superman costume obseesed with Superman and Clark? With out the reversed "S".
Does any one agree or am I on my own here?

Glad I've got that off my chest. And thrown it at people who know what I'm talking about too. No one's staring blankly at me this time.
Thanks for reading.

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Professor X: Legs or wheels?

So A few years ago some monkey with a type writer at Marvel got the ok to let Charley X walk. Again.
Now I personally think this was a bad idea. Marvel doesn't have another wheel chair bound character I'm aware of so why take that little bit of variety out of there world and let him walk?
So now he's just a telepath strollin' around on his fancy legs?
Who'll join me in lettin' Marvel know we want 'em to bust Charleys legs up one last time and leave 'em bust?
This is our petition.