Can users submit news stories?

Much as I love the vine I often spot news stories that might not find their way here for maybe as long as a few days or close to a week.
Is there a way we the users can submit news?
Granted we might not be skilled journalists but we could give it a go :D


Quests: 1984

How have I not finished 1984 yet?!?
All I'm missing is Big Brother and Friend of the State and at soem point a mod's done enough for both.
Am I misunderstanding the task?
Please help :(


Live Action Blue Beetle!!! :D

You heard it here first folks.
Seems Blue Beetle's ready for prime time :D


I Am An Avenger Mug Shots

So any one manage to get their mugshot in any of the Avengers #1?
I've checked the pages in Avengers and Secret Avengers so far but my handsome face aint in either :(
If you made it which were you in and where were you? 


Fantastic Three?!? SPOILER!!!

Nrama: Marvel has stated that when the War of 4 Cities ends, "one member of the Fantastic Four will have breathed their last." Is that just hype or is it real?

Hickman: Oh, no, it's real. You can't do these things without there being some weight to it.

There's a reason we're calling the arc "Three."

Ok kid's. I'm gonna be honest. I didn't even read the entire article here. I was so enraged by the fact that yet another character we know wont stay dead is being killed off. I for one amd sick and tired of this kind of weak story telling.
Read the quote from Hickman up top. Read it? Good.
I've been reading comics for a long time now and his statement is ridiculous. There's no wait to a death we know is only tempory. They're killing off a major character for a quick sales burst only to bring them back inside of a few years or when the creative team or editors change again. 
This, in my opinion at least, is simply the weakest story telling ever.
One of my all time favourite stories was Fatal Attractions. Wolvie had his addamantium removed and that made for a far better story than killing him off would've done.
I hate to go down the cliches path but I could come up with better plots that lazy tripe.
First Nightcrawler and now this?!?
Shove it Joey Q. I'm out. 

 Is it Thing?.....
 Is it Thing?.....

 Or Sue?
 Or Sue?