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Only if said games involve other people, like MMO's.

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There's usually three ways to stop a fight:

  1. Physically jump in and try to stop it, thus risking injury to yourself
  2. Call the police, which is probably the safest and surest way, but as some others have pointed out, you may "lose face," if that's something that matters to you
  3. Yell "(expletive of your choice) it's the cops" and watch everyone involved scatter in all directions like startled gazelles
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@bat_saint: And I've told you how you can find out. You've made it clear that you're unwilling to accept any evidence I present, regardless of its obvious credibility, so the only logical thing for you to do is find your own. I wish you much success in your research. ^_^

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@bat_saint: Once again, you have provided exactly zero scientific evidence, instead opting to make sweeping and false generalizations. Based on this, and the fact that SC has addressed your question in a far better way than was warranted, frankly, I am going to decline offering you any further free education. If, as you say, you are "dying" to know the answer to your question, I suggest that you spend some time researching "gender reassignment surgery" and draw your own conclusions based on your findings. I think the exercise would benefit you tremendously, and will allow you to address this topic from a position of actual knowledge, in the future.

So, a quick summary for the TL;DR crowd: my statement, that I would not be troubled by having a trans partner, stands. Your statement, that your own argument is backed by science, has not been supported by any presented evidence. Thus ends our discussion.

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@bat_saint: You have yet to answer my question, which I asked first. What scientific evidence do you have to support your argument? "Common sense" is not scientific evidence. Vague memories of a sixth-grade health textbook is not scientific evidence. A transplant that you think you might remember is not scientific evidence. Give me something worth debating, and we can continue. If, as I strongly suspect, you have nothing to offer, then I'm done with you.

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@bat_saint: seem to be saying that you understand the complexities of the human mind better than the country's leading organization of scholarly experts. Yeah...I think we're about done here. ^_^

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@bat_saint: Interesting. I was under the impression that medical science had been able to transplant many varieties of organs successfully for some time, now. Maybe that was all a hoax, like the moon landings, though.

And actually, no, it is not a mental disorder, not according the American Psychiatric Association, which changed the term "gender disorder" to "gender dysphoria," for that very reason.

It's certainly possible that "political correctness" will be the world's downfall, but I'm confident that education will not be, and what you're suggesting is not politically incorrect, it's just the regular kind of incorrect.

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@bat_saint: Well, for starters, I don't want children, so I am perfectly content not having them with any partner, regardless of what biology or psychology or whatever else is at play. However, I'm puzzled by what you mean by "normal" sex; as someone who can remember the Bill Clinton impeachment hearings, I can assure you that there is a very wide range of opinions on what does and does not constitute sex. Throw the word "normal" into that debate, and you're making the issue so intensely subjective that it's not likely go anywhere. Now, if you are asking me if I would consider sexual activity with a trans person "normal," in my own philosophical view, then the answer is yes, I would.

As for the rest of your post, you seem to have missed the point of mine. You are the one claiming that science supports your arguments; that puts the burden of evidence on you to present something corroborating. At no point have I contradicted your claim; I merely asked what basis your claim was predicated upon. What I was doing was giving you a chance to convince me of the credibility of your own argument using documented evidence. You have not done so.

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@bat_saint: Hmm...don't suppose you remember the publisher and edition of the specific textbook, do you? I'm only asking because, while I'm hardly a scientist, I am quite knowledgeable about education, and I can tell you with a great deal of certainty that just because something makes it into an elementary school textbook does not guarantee that the scientific community has established it as sound. Just to assure you that I'm willing to play fair, I'll use the ongoing debates over including creationism and evolution in elementary school science textbooks to illustrate the credibility of my own claim. I was hoping for something more along the lines of a peer-reviewed study from a respected, scholarly publication.

...which I would be happy to go looking for, if I was the one trying to use science to support a claim. I'm not. If you go back to my post, my only argument is that a trans partner would not bother me, a statement that is entirely personal and subjective, and thus requires no corroborating evidence. If you feel differently, you are entirely entitled to do so, and are under no more obligation than I am to support your feelings. However, if you are going to be making sweeping statements about entire populations of individuals and want to use science as justification, I would suggest that you be ready to present stronger evidence than "common sense" and a vague reference to a sixth-grade education.

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@bat_saint: You've been throwing the word "science" around quite a bit; perhaps you would be willing to provide some of the sources you base your arguments on, to give your words some credibility?