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Kristen Wiig!!!!!!! Super stoked about this film now. I'm preparing myself for laughter and ghost bustage.

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Sue solos. Too flexible AND has flat out killing power. If I were Sue I'd just automatically put bubbles in people's brains.

See Aquaman and Mera coming...brain bubble x2.

Someone cuts me off in traffic...brain bubble.

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I haven't seen Cap 2 yet so...

1. Thor

2. Iron Man

3. Captain America

I'm still baffled by The Avengers love. It was a good, see it once, movie for me. I bought it on impulse and have yet to be able to sit all the way through it again. Once you see the action and get over Thor and Iron Man beating each other up, there isn't much else to the film. Agree with some of the other comments.

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Mr. Sinister.

Been a fan of him since the 90's animated series. It's a shame he hasn't made it to the X-Men films yet. Apocalypse too for that matter.

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If I were Cyclops, I would take my visor off, open my eyes, and just spin around and around.
Afterwards, Batman would be a pile of goo and the city would be leveled. But you can make more cities so who cares about that?

Cyclops ftw.

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Awww man! I was hoping it was going to be Quicksilver :(

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Scarlet Spider issue was disappointing. It generally doesn't bode well when you have to dumb characters down to make it a fight. Hummingbird apparently has Xavier strength brain powers as she was able to walk over three powerful TPs, and Iceman lobs snowballs...right. And the X-Men stand around while Logan gets stabbed...why didn't Jean telekinetically snatch him up? Did Storm take an ambien or something?

Make the Scarlet Spider (and Hummingbird) look good by having them take down poorly written X-Men.

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So like one guy is a tennis player with a wicked backhand...turns out his backhand is like class 100 strength? Then there's the wide receiver who's one of the best in the league...turns out he has superhuman catching ability. His weakness, however, is that he inadvertently catches a lot of colds.

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Let me guess, Thanos merges the IG with the HotU forming the IH.

Saved myself some money.