My Spider-Man 4 (Script Included)

As you might know by now, Spider-Man 4 was supposed to be the 4th Spider-Man film, but it was sadly cancelled. If Maguire didn't leave the project and I was chosen to make the movie in place of Sam Raimi, this is how it would turn out.


  • Tobey Maguire - Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Kirsten Dunst - Mary Jane Watson
  • Anne Hathaway - Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
  • Dylan Baker - Curt Connors/The Lizard
  • Cliff Robertson - Ben Parker
  • May Parker - Rosemary Harris
  • Daniel Gillies - John Jameson
  • Jude Law - Cletus Kassidy/Carnage
  • Eric Bana - Michael Morbius
  • Ashley Tisdale - Liz Allen
  • Stan Lee - Janitor (cameo only)
  • John Malkovich - Man in the shadows
  • Anthony Mackie - Guard 1 (uncredited)
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Guard 2 (uncredited)
  • Walton Goggins - Guard 3 (uncredited)
  • Liev Schreiber - Burglar (uncredited)
  • Jessica Alba - Hostage 1
  • CJ Adams - Hostage 2
  • Tim Roth - Fire-Fighter (uncredited)


(Opening credits roll as clips from the first 3 films play)

PETER PARKER (Narrating): My life... it isn't the best. Harry has died, and I fear the worst. Yet every day, I still survive. I may be the Spider-Man, but I am not a hero.

(At Curt Connors' lab)

DR. CONNORS: Its perfect! My serum is working!

(Connors' lab assistant, Michael Morbius, enters)

MICHAEL MORBIUS: How's it coming along, Curt?

DR. CONNORS: Good. I've tested it out on this wingless house fly. It seems to be working. It is slow though, but you can see it sprouting wings!

(The flies wings pop out, but they turn green and explode, soaking Connors with green slime)

MICHAEL: Thats not good, is it?

DR. CONNORS: No. Not really.

(At a prison, we see Cletus Kassidy sitting in a dark, dark room when a mysterious man enters)

MAN IN SHADOWS: Kassidy.... got the info?

CLETUS: Yeah. Apparently, this thing you want... it's a symbiote. It attaches to a human, giving them incredible strength. But apparently its risky.

MAN IN SHADOWS: Whats the risk?

CLETUS: I heard it could cause insanity. But this isn't the only symbiote that came from a meteorite. A couple years back it apparently turned into that black beast that fought Spider-Man.

MAN IN SHADOWS: Spider-Man? Who cares about Spider-Man? I care about that black beast.

CLETUS: You want a beast? Well, first the symbiote has to bond to somebody. Somebody who can handle it.

MAN IN SHADOWS: Cletus... I'll get you out of here.... if you give me that symbiote.

CLETUS: You, sir... have got yourself a deal!

(Later that night, at a bank, an alarm is set off)

GUARDS: Hey! There he is!

BURGLAR: You'll never catch me alive, morons!

(Spider-Man arrives)

SPIDER-MAN: I'm not a moron. Does that mean I can catch you alive?


SPIDER-MAN: You better be scared!

(Spider-Man shoots a web at the burglar's foot and tugs, causing the burglar to fall down)

SPIDER-MAN: I'll take those money bags if you dont mind!

(Spider-Man shoots a web at the money bags, pulls, and catches them)

GUARD 1: Hey, Spider-Man took the money!

SPIDER-MAN: No, I didn't do it! I took it from the burglar!

GUARD 2: There in cahoots!


(The two guards are joined by other guards, and they start shooting at Spider-Man)


GUARD 1: Eddie Brock's story in the Bugle was right! He is a thief!

(Spider-Man escapes)

GUARD 3: Yeah, you better get out of here, Web-Head!

(The next day, at J. Jonah Jameson's office...)

JAMESON: I knew it!

(Jameson throws the latest issue of the Daily Bugle onto his desk)

JAMESON: The Wall-Crawler is a menace! Now everybody knows.... I was right!

(Peter Parker enters)

PETER: Hey, Jameson, I have to talk to you.

JAMESON: What is it, kid?

PETER: This Spidey story... its total crap, he wasn't stealing! How'd you even get the pics?

JAMESON: Security camera from the bank. We got e'm for free.

PETER (whispering): Security cam....

(Peter's new house)

MARY JANE: Hey, Peter. I heard the new Spidey story. Whats going on?

PETER: This is stupid! Somebody at the bank must be out to get me! The had the security camera footage, they saw me defeat the burglar and get the money back... why are they so--

MARY JANE: Relax, Peter. They dont understand it. They saw you defeat him and take the money, but they didn't understand.

PETER: But they said I was in cahoots with the burglar.

MARY JANE: Well... I dont know what to say Peter.

(Dr. Connors' lab, night time)

(Cletus Kassidy enters)

CLETUS (whispering): Where is it, where is it?!

(Cletus sees a high-tech, high-security vault)

CLETUS: Must be it...

(Cletus walks over to the vault and sees a high-tech, puzzle code)

CLETUS: Ah, crap, not another one of those puzzle contraptions!

(Cletus pulls out a small computer chip and plugs it into the puzzle code machine)

CLETUS: There we go.

(The puzzle solves itself and the vault unlocks)


(Inside the vault is a small container with a red symbiote in it. Cletus takes it out and puts it on the table. On the lid is another puzzle code machine)

CLETUS: Aw, crap....

(Cletus puts the computer chip into the lid, and the puzzle solves itself, and the lid opens)

CLETUS: Victory is mine....

(Suddenly, the symbiote comes out of the containet and latches onto Cletus's hand)


(The symbiote goes up Cletus's arm and soon covers his entire body)


(The janitor runs in)

JANITOR: How the heck did oyu get in here?

(Suddenly, Cletus looks up at the janitor, revealing his face...)

CLETUS: Hahahahahaha.....

JANITOR: This can't be good....

(The next day, Peter is watching the news)

NEWS ANCHORWOMAN: There has been a murder at the lab of the scientist, Curt Connors. The janitor was found brutally murdered by an unknown person. The police are on the case of finding this madman.

PETER: Oh, God.....

(Mary Jane enters the room)

MARY JANE: Peter, remember how you always said that when we get married, our wedding will be perfect?

PETER: Yeah, our weddings just in a few months

MARY JANE: Well, meet our wedding planner. She's my best friend, Liz.

(Liz Allen enters the room)

LIZ: Whats up?

PETER: Oh, nothing. Just watching TV.

LIZ: I figure I should get to know you two. Well, I already know MJ, but I mean get to know you, Peter.

PETER: Oh, uh, I'm sort of busy now. Can we reschedule this discussion for... tommorow? Hows that sound?

LIZ: Good. Nice meeting you.

(Liz leaves)

MARY JANE: Peter....

PETER: I have to do something.

MARY JANE: Who, Spider-Man or Peter?

PETER: I'm not sure yet....

(Connors' laboratory)

(Peter enters)

DR CONNORS: This is.... oh, no... it...

PETER: What happened? The place is trashed!

DR CONNORS: Peter, I should have told you this... the... the symbiote... wasn't the only one. There was another, more POWERFUL symbiote that came to Earth... one the color... red....

PETER: Oh, God...

DR CONNORS: I... should've told you... now.... it was stolen...

PETER: Did your regeneration serum survive?


PETER: Oh, too bad... that could have helped so many people.

DR CONNORS: That was supposed to help ME.


DR CONNORS: Yes. Me. I've been sick, Peter. Sick for a long, long time... now... I think I'm gonna die soon...

PETER: What?

(Dr Connors starts crying)

(That night...)

SPIDER-MAN (Narrating): My life is falling apart. All of it. Every bit of it! What do I do? My mentor is dying... my FATHER-FIGURE IS DYING!!!!

(Spider-Man is swinging through the city on a web)

SPIDER-MAN: I can't stand it!!! I'M SICK OF IT! Everything is falling apart! First Uncle Ben dies, the whole thing where I almost gave up for good, Harry dies, and now this! Everybody hates Spider-Man now, Dr. Connors is dying, and... my wedding. Oh, God, whats this gonna do to my wedding? Oh, God!

(Suddenly. police sirens are heard and Spider-Man notices a huge fire)


(Spider-Man lands right in an alley next to the burning house)

SPIDER-MAN (whispering): They better not shoot at me....

(Spider-Man jumps into the burning house through the window)

HOSTAGE 1: Aaah! Help!

HOSTAGE 2: I can't (cough) get up.... I... I'm stuck! The... the...

(Spider-Man walks up to the hostages)

SPIDER-MAN: Whats happening?

HOSTAGES (at the same time): AAAAAAAH!

SPIDER-MAN: Not you guys, too. Why are you scared of m--

(A red creature jumps out of nowhere and tackles Spider-Man)

SPIDER-MAN: What? Who are you? WHAT ARE YOU!

CARNAGE: I am death! I am.... CARNAAAGE!!!

SPIDER-MAN: Well then, Death... no, that doesn't sound right...

(Carnage grabs Spider-Man, screeching, and throws him out the window)

CARNAGE: Screeeech!

(Outside the house, Spider-Man lands on his feet. Spider-Man webs onto the burning building and jumps in through the window.)

CARNAGE: Get out!

SPIDER-MAN: No way... Carnage!

CARNAGE: Hisssss!!!!!

(Carnage uppercuts Spider-Man, sending him flying backwards)

HOSTAGE 2: Aaah! It burns! Help me! HELP MEEEEE!

SPIDER-MAN: Ugh... my... arm!

HOSTAGE 1: No! My son! He's dying! Do something!!!!

(Spider-Man shoots two webs that attach to both hostages)

SPIDER-MAN: I got ya!

CARNAGE: Cute... you think you can win that easy. This isn't over. They'll blame you for the fire after they find you in here with the two hostages!

SPIDER-MAN: And what about you?!

CARNAGE: Me? Li'l old me? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

(Carnage leaps out the window and disappears into the darkness)

SPIDER-MAN: Of course... you have a plan! All villains... have... plans!

HOSTAGE 2: Heeeelp!

SPIDER-MAN: I'm on it!

(Spider-Man tugs on the two webs and sends the two hostages flying out the window)


(The hostages land on a trampoline the fire-fighters laid out)

HOSTAGE 2: Sp--Spider--- Spider-Man...

(Both hostages faint)

FIRE-FIGHTER: Spider-Man did this? The Bugle was right!