Arkham City Facts

I'm so pissed that I have to wait 28 more days for what's going to be the greatest superhero game of all time.  I've read just about everything and watched each trailer about a billion times, so I'm ready to call myself an expert. Here's a list of all the villains that have been confirmed so far: 
Joker-The Main Antagonist 
Two-Face-Decides to gain fame in Arkham City by publicly executing Catwoman 
Catwoman-Not really a villain, but takes advantage of all the chaos to go on a stealing spree 
Penguin- Decides to gain back his rep by kidnapping cops and holding them hostage.Has Solomon Grundy kept underneath the Iceberg Lounge 
Solomon Grundy-Little is known.Penguin has him kept. 
Deadshot-Has entered Arkham City to assasinate an important villain 
Riddler-Is forcing Batman to rescue hostages for every certain amount of trophies you collect 
Hugo Strange-Little is known about Batman's earliest ever foe.Knows Batman's secret. Is suspected to be working with Joker 
Poison Ivy-No information is given, she's just been confirmed... 
Harley Quinn-Has a new outfit and is out for blood 
Bane-No information is given except he is an ally of Batman 
Mr. Freeze-Has been working in the GCPD forensics department, wants Batman to bring him his wife 
If you have any further questions, please ask.I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge...