with Millar back, is Ultimate Marvel gonna rival 616

   What kind of effect will Mark Millar have on us Ultimate Marvel fans, knowing he's coming back ot the universe he basically created himslef.  Sure Bedis was doing his thing with Spider-man, (and doing it well), but Millar put his big stamp on the Ultimate universe with his revamping of the X-men, The Ultimates(Avengers), and the Fantastic Four.  Modernizg the world.  Like making Magneto comparable to Osama Bin Laden as much as Adolf Hitler.  Acting terrorist more the dictator.  Replacing Dr Doom as the largest threat to the universe like he is in the 616.  Having hero's becoming a hell of  alot more viloent then we were used to.  Hawkeye flicking his finger nails into peoples brains.  Captain America snapping necks, the Hulk eating people.  A black Nick Fury.
     Now he's back, and with the threat of killing half the hero's off.  We know he's gonna do something drastic.  He's gonna grab out attention again, but is it gonna rival it's 616 counterparts like it did before.  I didn't even like the avengers till I picked up the Ultimates, or the Fantastic Four before getting his redition of them in the Ultimate format.    Is it going to have that effect people again?  What do you think is gonna happen?