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OH MY GOD.  VENOM IS IN DINOSAUR LAND IN THIS ISSUE!?  And you thought DETROIT was a bad place to be!?  THINK AGAIN!!  Venom is fighting that crazy fool Kraven, and he ain't thinking twice about capping this guy!  He's got all these spears and stuff shanked in him, BUT THAT AIN'T STOPPING HIM!  VENOM'S A HOSS!  He doesn't need legs to kick your ASS!  I bet you're wondering how he beats Kraven.  You're just dying to know.  All I'm going to say is that it involves bats.  LOTS AND LOTS OF BATS.  AN...

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So Addicted 0

Have you ever taken steroids, meth, caffeine, and a permanent marker all at the same time?  Well reading this comic is a lot like it because it will BLOW YOU OUT OF  YOUR SOCKS.  You thought Flash Thompson was a JERK?  Well now he's a JERK WITH A MACHINE GUN!  AND A SYMBIOTIC SUIT!  What could be cooler?  Absolutely nothing.  I bet you're wondering what's in this issue.  You're reading this expecting me to spoil all the juicy details for you.  WELL, THAT AIN'T HAPPENING TONIGHT!  You better stic...

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Venom = The New Clint Eastwood 0

Reading this comic was like watching a super intense Jason Statham movie where he blows stuff up.  I was sweating the entire time because the battle between Spider-man and Venom was so EPIC!  I felt like I was pumping iron and shooting a gun at the same time.  It would be in your best interest to read this comic book.  Why?  Because it'll melt your mind with awesome.  Then your mind will rebuild itself because it wants to read the next issue SO FREAKIN' BAD!  You'll also have to change your pant...

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Best Part of the 80s 0

When I think of the 80s I think of the creation of one of the world's greatest super villains of ALL TIME.  Not only does Todd McFarlane deliver us the goods, but he slaps them down on the table so hard you will NEVER FORGET THIS ISSUE.  I read it just about every week to remind myself of how hardcore Spider-man and Venom REALLY ARE.  Not only do they dominate in this comic, but they kick the crap out of each other so hard, THAT MY MIND IS BLOWN!  You haven't lived until you read this comic.  Th...

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What do you get when you cross James Bond, Sylvester Stallone, and a fucking insane alien suit?  What you get is a Rick Grimes looking beast of a man who kicks ass 24/7 and nails Betty Brant on the side, WITH NO LEGS.  Best interpretation I've seen in long time.  Non of that "must protect the INNOCENTS" stuff, just all out beat the crap out of every villain who ever existed and then taking a dump on their grave.  This makes Mac Gargan look like a little girl, but that's honestly not hard to do. ...

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