GS Review: Thundercats episode 23 Recipe for Disaster.

Sorry for the late reviews and I'm probably gonna skip the forever bag but I still need to watch it actually. I'm not a huge fan of Kit and Kat so I didn't put it as a priority as far as the show goes.

Good: This was by far the best episode of the series so far. It had a perfect amount of action with beautiful fluid animation and perfectly blended laughs in with the serious tone at the certain parts of the episode. Tygra was hysterical and Lion-O trying to woo Pumyra was great as well. We finally see Pumyra showing her affections for Lion-O so it looks like they will be a couple (obvious as it was from the beginning). And Mumm-Ra was a huge threat in the episode instead of getting brushed aside which is something I have been vocal about in a few reviews.

Bad: Nothing

Score: I would rate it higher than a perfect score if I could. 10/10.