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Promising start to the next big event 0

Green Lantern #53  THE GOOD:  The one page of Saint Walker going through the cematary grave by grave to eulogize the desecrated dead was a simple and elegant way of showing what the Blue Lanterns are all about. Hal and Carol rekindling their relationship. Long overdo. The opening scene was a very effective way of  building suspense. The mysterious Guardian already appears like a formidable enemy.  THE BAD: This was another quick read. With the exception of the Saint Walker scene, this is another...

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Geoff Johns: too much retacon? 0

Although I am enjoying Geoff Johns work on Green Lantern I am disturbed by his propensity to ignore the silver and golden age and all of the rich GL history that has preceded his run. I never believed this secret origin was necessary. Johns has stated that he couldn't tell his blackest night story without first doing this secret origin, however much of it feels repetitive and unnecessary. The amount of original content could have been condensed into a two issue flashback with the story then movi...

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GL Corps 24 captures the feel of a true team of Space Cops 0

What has impressed me most about the current run of Green Lantern Corps is that the various GL's, human and alien, are all being written with distinctive personalities. Past incarnations of GLC have always had a tendency to lump the "aliens" into three categories; weird, awestruck, or angry. GLC #24 is an excellent example of the new direction DC is taking the Corps. While continuing the very entertaining Mongul story, writer Peter Tomasi fills the issue with dialogue between Rayner and Gardner’...

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Another Hal Jordan Origin Story 0

Following the incredible Sinestro Corps War this issue once again revisits the origin of Hal Jordan. Much of it is rehashed background from the recent series and seems repetitive. The issue can't escape the feel that it is nothing more then filler from one major storyline to the next, but there are some compelling aspects of Hal's origin that are fleshed out. The impact of how Hal's decision to run away and join the air force affected his family is very well done. One can see how Hal goes from h...

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