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I liked it, and although I've always liked Peter, I kind of hope that he doesn't come back.


I see many people wanting "things to go back to the way they were", these kinds of thoughts are what holds life and human evolution back. Stick with this change and when even more changes come further down the line maybe they lead to something "amazing" again, but that's new.

Stick with the old and progression crawls along and our lives are dull and repetitive.

Embrace change, keep positive and we all get somewhere better quicker.

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I hate the whole "ruined my childhood" thing that people love to copy/paste into comment sections. It's crap, the changes made are in the present. Nobody jumped back in time and told innocent child you that oneday your beloved character will be killed/cloned/freaky fridayed/made into a film that you don't approve of.

Things happen, story's and characters change, for better or for worse, but in reality the memories you had are still the same ones that you always had. And you can keep them, they haven't been wiped from your minds!

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@Gonzo33: Don't think so, it says on sale 12/12/2012, so monthly. But this first story arc does continue from issue 1 in FF #1, I think it'll be this way for a couple of issues and then the two titles will do their own things once the original Fantastic Four are off on their trip, it's just to set up the reason for the the two books.

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@LaserLambert: Judi Dench is a great actress, an amazing one, doubt she'd pull off a good Lois though, and she'd have white hair!....lol

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@Dernman: Well said!

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@Lvenger: Its fair enough, and all down to personal opinion anyway, so I'm not saying anyones opinion isn't valid, but if they want to please the long term fans they should find a way to make it all as authentic to the lore as possible. I know in reality the hardcore comic book fans will never have priority over the mass public, but in my ideal daydream world I would always see the films the way their creators may have been picturing them as they sat writing the scripts and drawing the thumbnails.

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@Icon: Yeah, but changing something that has been set into fans minds is just stupid when it doesn't need to be changed. If they gave Superman blond hair you may be more inclined to agree, (possibly, I don't know you so maybe you wouldn't mind that either! I mean no disrespect, just stating my point...lol) but in my mind without good reason it's just the same, you are taking something from an existing world and altering it due to some silly reason (like the actress doesn't suit that colour but does suit the part etc).

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@Lvenger: It kind of does matter when a different established character is known to have red hair already and you start to confuse people before the film has even finished being made, it's just a minor niggle that will grind. where as more blatant large change could be forgiven if they have good reason.

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@kingdomenic: Too right, the performance could be great, but with the little things changed you spend too much time noticing what "should have been" Why do films set in an established world if you are going and change a ton of small details for no real good reason? Is hair dye that hard to use?

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The worst thing about this comments section is the main thing wrong in film, tv and games today. "No way I'm going to see this film,or that film" "Disney screwed up Marvel with this one" etc.

Why totally put down something that hasn't barely left the mouths of the company let alone got a screenshot yet.

You don't like something, so what, many others will, and many others will wait to make an informed decision before band waggoning along with the rest of the internet trolls with only negative opinions to share.

So you don't like something, great, but it seems a lot of people make it their mission to make sure the worlds minds are driven to the negative before its had a chance to be born. Believe it or not there will be some out there who will like it. And have you ever thought that maybe by having a film with those kinds of characters in it that non-comic viewers may be drawn in and decide to give some other comics a try too. Much as I'd like all comic book films to be structured around my favourite comics, having Rocket Racoon in a film may just bring in some new younger readers wh have yet to enjoy comics.

One person stating "Will have to see the terrible trailer first of course. Don't want to be bias towards terrible characters...lol."

That attitude sucks. You could have just said "Think I'll give it a miss, not my thing"

Your name says it all, Hivemind. Try being an individual, that would be more refreshing and impressive to see.

Marvel, I look forward to seeing what you do with these films, some more than others, but am very interested to see how Ant-Man and Guardians will fit in with the rest, and whether they will feel part of the larger cinematic universe!

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