Comic Tomatoes: Ultimate Spider-Man 160 (Death of Spider-Man 5)

Issue: Ultimate Spider-Man 160
Arc: Death of Spider-Man (Part 5)
Publisher: Marvel (Ultimate)
Released: June 22, 2011
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mark Bagley
Inker: Andy Lanning
Colorist: Justin Ponsor
Rating: 90% (9 Fresh 1 Rotten)
Critical Consensus: One of Marvel Comics' most beloved characters goes out with a bang. But will Ultimate Spider-Man continue to be the flagship of the Ultimate Universe?
IGN 7.5/10 (Fresh) Jesse Schedeen When you come right down to it, the appeal of reading the finale to Ultimate Spider-Man doesn't lie in learning whether or not Peter Parker dies.

CBR 5/5 (Fresh) James Hunt Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! Admittedly, it is happening in the Ultimate Universe so it isn’t the real Peter Parker, but still: the Death of Spider-Man.

Geek Speak (mySA) (Fresh) Rene Guzman For months, Marvel has hung “Death of Spider-Man” over comic fans’ heads like this glossy dark specter with its grim, albeit sensationalistic promise of killing off such a major superhero from its pocket Ultimate universe. At last, Ultimate Spider-Man No. 160 delivers that death blow to Ultimate Peter Parker and a fine comic series in spectacular fashion. (Fresh) Adam Reisinger But like I said, I've been trying to ignore all that, and just enjoy these issues for what they are, which are incredibly well-written, well-drawn stories that bring the tale of "Ultimate Spider-Man" to a natural conclusion.

Newsarama (Fresh) Colin Bell The clue was in the title, everyone! Not a metaphorical death, or a retirement of the identity of Spider-Man as some had guessed; this is the issue where Peter Parker faces down the Green Goblin: One. More. Time. With fatal results!

Comic Vine 4/5 (Fresh) Tony Guerrero   The end of the Death of Spider-Man arc is here. After months of waiting, will this be the final appearance for Ultimate Spidey?

Big Shiny Robot   Jeff Vice (Rotten) They really did it. “They,” of course, are the folks behind the “Death of Spider-Man” story line in the Ultimate Comics version of the title

Multiversity Comics  10/10 (Fresh)Matthew Meylikhov This is it: the Death of Spider-Man is here. In this polybagged issue from the creative team behind Ultimate Spider-Man #1, we're given the first "boundary pushing" storyline from the Ultimate universe in quite some time. And boy, are things tense right now. (Fresh) Ben Mayfield This is it, ladies and gentlemen.  After months of twists and turns and ominous banners, the fateful moment arrived for Peter Parker in a polybag-covered comic book this past week.  I’m sure if you went to a local comic shop already, you probably saw a few people you normally don’t see in the shop, most being curious to see whether Marvel “would really do it”. 7.5/10 (Fresh) Kevin L. This is it. After 160 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man the big end to The Death of Spider-Man is here. Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley have promised something big and with the title of this arc there is a good idea what that is. But after being not only the flagship of the Ultimate line, but also one of the best books at Marvel, are Bendis and Bagley actually go through with what the title of the arc teases?

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