My Top 100 Favorite Marvel and DC Characters 2012

Self explanatory. Let's do it.

Post-list making notes:

  • I like the Marvel superheroes more than the DC ones (for the majority).
  • Characters around my age are my favorites (Dick, Kyle, Wally, etc.)
  • DC has the villains I care about.
  • Marvel has, like, 5 excellent villains, and the rest are sort of ok.
  • There's barely an ethnic character I care about. The company's have gotta fix that.
  • Heroes > Villains
  • My top 10 are mostly DC characters.
  • Superman is still my favorite superhero ever (this fact has remained unchanged since forever).
  • Hank Pym is my favorite Marvel character (which I didn't expect prior to making these lists).
  • A lot of my favorites (i.e. the top 8) are characters that I can relate to and/or sympathize with.
  • I like some Batman villains more than Batman himself.
  • Because of over-exposure, some characters haven't ranked as high as they should have (Deadpool, Wolverine, Batman, etc.)
  • I prefer lighthearted characters to broody ones, but I still adore some of the broody ones.
  • A lot of my characters have either only had mini-series or nothing like that at all, and that's awful.

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