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Modern Hollywood works best in 3's. So lets End Avengers at that one, then work on another team. Marvel Knights could be pretty fun.

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Go back to the guy who was Originally Cast as Wolverine. Dougray Scott.

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They used to have Tron replicas too but they sold out and I think stopped producing them.

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Sabretooth all the way! but do it right!

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@rondoudou said:

@Gallivant: thats not true cronos was never killed nor was his father before him, they where merely "imprisoned"

I stand corrected. LOL yeah I forgot they just imprisoned Cronus, but if nothing else we can say they were defeated. Yet that doesn't have to do with Killing them of course. I still feel that a God should be able to be killed if the story demands it.

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@NightRunner said:

@Naamah_Obyzouth: Norse Gods like Thor where still able to die in their Mythos before comics. I would say that what you are saying should apply to Greek Gods and other Deities. But I do see your point Gods should be a tier above normal super humans and incredibly hard to beat at that.

I totally agree with this. There's no reason to use these mythological gods as Immortal because in their original Mythos they die all the time. Zeus killed his father, Cronus, who also killed his father.

But the idea that any mortal shouldn't be able to challenge a God and potentially slay them would be detrimental to story. Think about it, most of the best stories ever told in Mythology involve Men defying gods and beating them at their own game. Sure they didn't kill them but that wasn't the story for most of the heroes but the idea that they could have if they needed to is a welcomed idea.

Also in that light the idea that a God has to be immortal in order to be worshiped is wrong. It's only their Superiority that makes up the difference, in that light, Superman can be considered a God, but he too can be killed. Sure it's tough to beat him but Bats can do it.

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Don't count Batman out so easily. Sure he wouldn't stand a chance toe to toe with Thor because he doesn't have a material weakness like Supes. Everyone knows Bats' true power is in his intelligence even with no prep i'm sure he would be able to escape long enough to find something to take Thor down.

maybe even find a way to bring Jörmungandr into the fight against Thor.

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Yes and No.

For certain comics like The Walking Dead absolutely kill them permanently unless they turn Zombie then kill em twice. However that is the medium of the comic its meant to be more visceral and realistic. So if that's what the publishers/creators are going for keep it up!

But No because when it comes to the super heroes we know and love today they should only be killed in a single run series. It could be anything from a parallel universe or an alternate timeline but the fact of the matter is that these heroes are all Legends today and they never will permanently die because of one simple reason, money. Batman/Superman will never die so long as anyone can still make a buck off their name and just as they say in this video, its fiction and they can conjure up any excuse to bring back whomever they damn well please for any reason.


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I really like the idea of Spidey using more gadgets. Though he never really needed them before that doesn't mean he wouldn't have benefited from them.

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Hellboy and Ghost Rider would be amazing games to play. Definatly unique to the market and would probably fair pretty well. Just please dont make them based off a movie or rush them in time for a movie release. That's always a recipe for disaster.