Uncanny Avengers: Rogue

If there is one character that I've been following in comics religiously, that character would be Rogue of the X-Men. I wont get into details about her background, but the character has come along way. Back 09, she finally gained control over her powers which was a huge cover for the character being that, for most of her history, her lack of control over her abilities made her an interesting specimen. Here we had a strong female character that could lift tanks and trunks (thanks to her defeat over the Avengers' Ms. Marvel back in the 80s) and yet felt lonely/isolated from those she cared for the most.Fast forward to X-Men Legacy (I don't recall what issue, but it's most likely #`224), and here we have the character in a new light.

Legacy helped develop Rogue further (sometimes at the expense of other characters) and brought her a confidence that she had never had before. One thing pointed out by a few fans was her decision to, in a way, separate herself from Gambit not long after she finally gained control while moving closer to Magneto. Personally, the character would benefit more through going solo. At any case, Rogue became a role model and teacher for the younger X-Men and had a spot that she could cherish.

After AvX (which has left quite a bad taste in my mouth), Rogue, who took a backseat until Chapter 11, finds her run in Legacy coming to an end and her alignment with the Avengers already here. It's been noted that the character, who has progressed significantly in recent years, has become "more Wolverine than Wolverine" post-AvX; this annoys me. In one hand I understand her; she fought for what she believed in and stood by Cyke's side until he lost his way, where she realized that the means didn't justify the end they (the X-Men) were looking for. In a nutshell, her world went upside down along with all of the X-Men; now more divided and broken up than ever before.

We see her in #`1 of Uncanny Avengers facing off against Scarlet Witch; while it was great to see these two share words with one another, I felt it painted Rogue far too aggressively. Sure, I'd understand why she felt the way she does, and yes, Scarlet's "no more Phoenix" doesn't change what the X-Men and mutants in general have had to endure because of her actions; nevertheless, Rogue (who, on behalf of the X-Men, is the one to bring the two teams together in #11 of AvX) came off a bit juvenile, almost like her rip-off Hope.

When Rogue had her strikeforce along with Cable, Lady Mastermind, and the lot, she had a more aggressive demeanor. I liked that era of Rogue, and I feel her being more Wolverine-like is a step backwards for the character. At any case, it's only the beginning and I trust Remender to give her not only adequate time to shine, but to also explore the character while justifying her behavior.

Let's be frank: Rogue has always wanted to be a hero; Magik even mentioned this in Legacy's final AvX title. What better chance has she had to become so than she has right now? She can prove herself formidable on a large scale by fighting alongside Marvel's golden boy, and occasional bigot, Capt. America.