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Johns, we all expected more than this 0

The beginning of a new arc! Let's crack down on this issue!The Good:We get some Steve Trevor character development, and for the most part, it was pretty good.It was good to see the League working together now. Although many say that they don't seem to be a team, and that they're the same as they were before, if you look at the bigger picture, they do seem to be more together than they did five years ago. I think everybody's main concern is just that Hal is still an ass to Batman.I liked "Spore's...

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Batman #2 escapes the Court of Owls death sentence 0

Batman #2. With all that the first one did, this has a lot to live up to, doesn't it?Story/ArtWe get a lot of things happening in the story this time around. On the first page we have a nice little history lesson, and we get a nicely illustrated action scene right on the next page. Although I'm not the biggest fan of Greg Capullo's art, he does a good job here. Fco has some beautiful coloring around here too. Next we see a continued autopsy of the man who died in the last issue. Batman has a dis...

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One of Dc's fastest comes to the New 52 with great speed! 0

StoryTo put it in short, the story is pretty good. We have an introduction to Barry, The Flash, we have an action packed scene with some masked gunman, a sort of mystery pertaining to one of the gunmen, a reunion, a chase scene, and a huge cliffhanger. Francis Manapul did a good job with this one.ArtThe art is good. It kind of fits the whole sciency nature of the Flash. Brian Buccellato did a good job with the coloring. I also like how everything seems... sort of modern. It just works.The GoodTh...

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Batman hits the New 52 where it counts 0

SummaryAs I open up my brand new copy of Batman #1, I am greeted by the first page, in which we have Batman talking about the current state of Gotham and a newspaper column where people try to finish the sentence "Gotham is" in three words or less. Most responses are negative, claiming that the city is "cursed", or "damned". And on the first page we get to see how Gotham is dark, worn-down, tiring. Flip the page again and we get a scene where many villains, such as the Scarecrow, Two-Face, Mr. F...

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