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Fuma Kotaro is a young Fuma ninja who used to be working as a elite ninja for the late Hojo clan. Since the Hojo clan was eliminated during Toyotomi's siege on Odawara, Kotaro was the last survivor of the attacks and he had been saved by Sarutobi Sasuke and Kirigakure Saizo, allies of Kotaro thus they are members of Sanada Ten Braves.

Since he had no masters or feudal lords to served, Kotaro works alone as a thief to steal from money the riches and gave them to the poor. Not only as a thief, Kotaro also work as a demon hunter, hunts down demons who caused harm to the innocents. Even though he hunts demons, Kotaro has demon power within him since he was born. The demon power will help him to undergo Onimusha Awakening, a power that transformed into a powerful demon warrior.

Kotaro is allies to the Sanada Ten Braves and the Sanada clan. Fuma Kotaro also had friendly rivalry with Hattori Hanzo, an elite Iga ninja who served the Tokugawa clan.

Name: Fuma Kotaro
Alias: Fuma No Oni (Demon of Fuma)
Age: 25
Birthplace: Kurama Mountain
Occupation: Ninja, Thief, Demon Hunter.
Birth Date: Unknown Day and Month, 1566
Blood Type: O
Weapon and Items: Ninjato, Smoke Bomb, Kunai.
Weapon's Name: Shiroi Getsuga (White Moon Fang)
Fighting Styles: Fuma-Ryu Ninkenjutsu, Fuma Ryu-Ninjutsu, Koga-Ryu Taijutsu
Family or Relatives: None, Kotaro's parents died during Sengoku Period.
Sensei: Sojobo, the Tengu King.