Pikachu Tales: an Upstart Princess.

(A little short, but I plan to carry this for about five parts, only one gym and getting one to two pokemon,not going all out)

Ma-Choke…Ma-Choke…Ma-Choke.” A Machoke stalked through the doorway, carrying a large beige box in its massive, blue hands. He set the box down in the living room, where a little girl, about ten years old, sat cross legged. She wore a black shirt that was too big for her, it had a silhouette of a Jigglypuff on it, pink denim shorts that matched her hair, which was stuffed under a black net hat, she was playing what many could guess was a version of go fish with her sidekick and friend, Panpour, A primate like water Pokemon. Her fur was light blue about her head, and a cream like color for its lower half. Princess’s eyes went from the cards that rested in her tiny hands to the box, with 'Princess’s toys' scrawled on it in orange crayon.

She leaped up, a being of pure joy. She quickly emptied the box, and hugged the Machoke, who was completely caught off guard. This was the second (and hopefully) the last time Princess had move. She had came from Nacrene city in Unova, all the way here to Sandgem Town, of the Sinnoh region. It was very stressful, yet also very fun. Princess loved seeing new sights and Pokémon, making new friends. Behind the scene of Princess showing her appreciation, with Panpour pulling on her foot was Mr. Bush paying the moving man, he walked in and sighed but it was soon replaced with a smile. Mr. Bush wasn’t her father, he wasn’t even related by blood. Mr. Bush was Princess’s legal guardian and hand been since she was four when her parents passed on, being a family friend. He stood stout; his big bushy white goatee covered most of his aged face.

“Mind toning it down squirt?” Mr. Bush asked as Princess got finish hugging the moving man as they left. Panpour and Princess stood, Princess beamed up a bright smile, sans one front tooth. The spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking, getting new house in order, this took them to the nighttime hours into a big house warming dinner. Later on Princess was snuggled up under her big, puffy blanket, Panpour curled up on her tummy asleep. Princess let of a whopper of a sigh, it being a challenge. Tomorrow was a monumental day, the biggest day for anyone when the turn ten, which is the day, they become a Pokémon trainer. When the world becomes their own, she was going to visit Professor Rowan in the morning to get a Pokedex and some sage advice, Princess sighed again, hoping that would make the sun rise faster, she turned her head. She gazed at the big bulletin board that was on her wall which was illuminated by pale yellow moonlight that shined through the window.

There was a photo on the board. It was of Princess, Panpour, Mr. Bush and Princess’s brother Duke, holding a Glameow. That was the day Duke started his adventures, being accepted into the Pokémon Academy in Kanto. Glameow was originally Princess’s, but she traded with Duke as a way to remember each other.

She smiles, her gentle green eyes started to close.