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@dstick88: Not f-cking enough. I think everyone pretty much knows his origin by now; it isn't a secret.

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@cared13 said:

The final issue was such a disappointment to me.

I think Spidy defeated to quickly Norman. It didn't had any climax., didn't have any major consequence for any character.

Sad that this series will end too soon, but the good thing is, that Dan Slott will write the new series. I joined the 616 universe from "One more day" and it was a really bad run until Dan came with big time. The biggest problem with this universe is the status quo, which is because of the most of the fans don't want change. They want the same old stories without any consequence. But I really don't understand that, why don't they read fanfiction then? mean really, what big thing happened in this universe until Dan came? Gwen died, Harry became goblin had a child, Clones, Carlie came to the picture and that's almost all of it. The best version of Spider-Man is definitely the ultimate version, which had the most reasonable, lovely characters, the best villains, the truly amazing story which wasn't the same old crap that the main universe was.

But with Big Time, the there came the thing where fan fiction ended, and the character and the story started to evolve, like in real life. SpOck was arrogant, condescending, but he did a better job at being a spider-man than Peter ever did. Even though Otto made some bad choices, the Superior Spider-Man was the best thing that could have happened to the 616 universe: change, different aspects, evolving, moving on... So the stuff what Dan already did since big time, but that was his biggest and best even with it's tiny flaws, especially with the last issue. 3/5

I agree. With that it brought so much change and variety in the Spider-verse. Sigh, it was bad writing that made Otto unlikable. They wanted him to be arrogant and not grow as to rush Pete back. Otto wasn't perfect. He was a flawed hero, and that was what made him readable. The Status Quo is back. People keep on saying "not really", well, when everyone is used to Peter there can only be so much change before fans demand it back to the same. I'm beginning to get wary of this MJ + Peter for life shtick. I started reading Spider-man again with Spider-island, and I became more engaged when Superior was launched. Sadly, these changes are cash-grabs.

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@godlike130: He maybe gorgeous, no homo, but he needs a mask!!!! Or glasses.

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Dr. Manhattan is wearing a cyclops suit...

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As much as I love the idea that Apollo & Midnighter will possibly meet Batman and Superman, I can only shudder at the thought of Batman WINNING in an encounter with the Midnighter. NO, NO, NO. It is not possible and is pure WIS with a huge urinal full of PIS.

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You know what, DC's attempt to create the New 52 was a great idea UNTIL they forgot to erase certain Batman characters. Everyone else's origin actually works, except Batman's. They wanted to fit all the events from a past continuity that spanned more than 20 years into 5 little wee years. If that's the case, erase Nightwing and make him Robin. At least we could watch Dick grow into Nightwing and then root for him as he's changed into something else. Hell, Jason Todd's death by the Syndicate would have been a great buildup point for his return as the Red Hood a year or two down the line. When there's been a 5 year later storyline Damian could pop up. I think I'm forgetting Tim Drake, who's storyline is pretty good, except in TT it doesn't feel like these are kids who USED to be sidekicks. Anywho, let me rap this up and say that Dick as a secret agent doesn't feel quite right unless he's wearing a mask. Shit, a full cover mask isn't asking for much.

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Not for a second, no, not for a millisecond. all I see is that it ruined the relationship between Peter and Mary Jane

All you saw when you read this book was a stale relationship that should have ended a while back? Wasn't like they were married. Hell, I like Anna Maria more than MJ. NO offense to MJ,she was an amazing GF for Pete and former Wife (I'd say ex, but Mephisto just wrote that out of history), but life is full of change, and Superior Spider-man really accentuated the change in Peter's life. Ock ended the relationship in a mature manner (due to being older) and started a mature relationship with Anna maria (I ain't saying MJ was immature), but the whole back and forth between them, knowing they'll never permanently be married EXCEPT in multiverse tales, is just jaded now. Are you sure all you saw was a ruined relationship? How many times has that not happened before?

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No, the guns were what made him different. Captain cold has been the most powerful ice based DC character for a while now, easily outclassing freeze.

How did the guns make him different from Mr. Freeze? Him having cold powers re-defined him as a character and made him less vulnerable.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

@captain13 said:

@jonny_anonymous said:

@captain13 said:

Dick, Donna, and Wally are supposed to be the ciphers of the superhero community. Now there is no "community." And all of these characters are hurt because of it. Now, on top of all that, DC breaks down more of Dick's relationships by taking away all of his Bat-history.

Why didn't they just use Rick Flagg, Steve Trevor, Sergeant Rock, or Nemesis for this?

Because this isn't "what character can we use to tell this story" it's "this is an interesting story for Dick Grayson"

Except it's not. DC just took away another important part of Dick's identity for the next 2 years. ~24 months of no Dick Grayson Nightwing stories. Lovely.

How much more can DC divorce Dick from his old version.

DC: "We've taken his friends. We've taken his family. We've taken his identity. Next month, we'll learn that 'Dick Grayson' isn't Dick Grayson."

So what would you rather have everything go back to normal so they can retell the same stories all over again?

If you don't like Nightwing stories, don't read them. There are other characters out there. Why take everything meaningful about a character besides the name? Plenty of people enjoyed that character as is.


You know what? You're right. There have been 75 years of Superman stories. That's stale. Let's change the title to "Kent," remove his supporting cast, and have him work as a powerless cop in Detroit.

Oooh, even better: you're tired of James Bond right? Let's make him a female and call him 008 instead. Oh, and he's not a spy anymore. He's a short order cook in china town looking for his long lost father.


What's the point of reading about this character when there are no Nightwing stories? If you want other stories, read other characters.

Jeebus. Another character lost for 24 months.

I take it fans felt this way when Robin became Nightwing during the 80's? Rejoice, he's not dead at all. Embrace this change while it lasts. The comics world will forever churn out tired stories of the same damn characters forever and ever, outliving you, me, and God.

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@squalleon: sigh. This is why I love image comics; they aren't afraid to change things permanently and allow character growth. When Dick was Batman Pre-52, I felt his character had deserved that kind of change. He had reached a plateau as Nightwing and exhausted any further development as that identity. As Batman he breathed fresh air into Gotham and that budding relationship with Damian made the stories worthwhile. Now he's a secret f---ing agent. Sigh, DC is boring as hell now.