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Excellent as far as backgrounds go. 0

I think reading this brought a lot of relief to my fandom of Kurt.  I mean there were things that we always knew about the elf, like that Mystique was his mother, but it was good to finally learn the truth behind his character.  I was never a huge fan of "demons" in comics but this had good story behind it.  Also seeing a true emotional side to Raven really went indepth with her character and letting us know why she is the way she is now, plus we get a little inkling of why she calls herself Mys...

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Still a little iffy 0

So I read throug hthe entire Messiah CompleX plot and it all came to one spot, this Mini Series. I was never a huge fan of Cable in the past but I did enjoy the likenesses of the MC storyline compared to his own history.This issue was of course meant to be some back story as to the events leading to the whole mini series, and they covered that rather well. The art threw me a little, very artistic and less cartoony than most comics but it was refreshing to see something new for a chance. As fo...

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