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Name: Unkown
Aliases: Final X, X
Family: Unkown
Citizenship: Presumably Australian
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Blue
Age: Anywhere between 18 - 22
Base of Operations: Mobile
Born in the reality known as Earth 42 Final X was the 'Final' product of the now defunct Weapon Plus Program of that world.

He does not remember his life before his involvement in the Program, all he knows for sure is that he was responsible for killing several of Earth 42s metahumans and superheroes.

His grim demeanour and nihilistic view of the world make him dangerous not only to his enemies but also his allies. He remains undecided on where his allegiance lies but for all his past sins, he expresses a deep desire to fight evil.

Powers and Abilities

Born a mutant, Final X is gifted with an additional heart and a binary vascular system, this allows his body to take much strain than any normal human or in fact, any being not possessing the same attributes. 
This makes him immune to any toxin as his body will filter it out of his system quite rapidly. He can also produce up to 5 times more adrenaline than anyone else.
An accelerated healing factor, X can recover from injury faster than anyone else. However this ability is based upon how much adrenaline is in his blood at the time, more adrenaline and the faster he heals. 

Through an unknown method, Final X is able to permanently absorb the abilities of any other mutant, alien or super-powered individual; the process however, means the death of the person X is ‘absorbing’ from.


  • Wolverine of Earth 42 – Heightened senses: Sight, Hearing, Smell. His skeleton and signature bone claws are coated in a metal other than adamantium, possibly vibranium. Why this happened is unclear. Final X also possesses a diluted version of Wolverines healing factor.

  • Cyclops of Earth 42 – The optic blast power, however X has demonstrated complete control over the beams and does require a ruby quarts device.

  • Invisible Woman of Earth 42 – X can project a force field around himself (and ONLY himself) which extends to about 2 feet and can withstand up to 10 tonnes of pressure.

  • Unknown of Earth 42 – X possesses enhanced strength (class 5), speed and agility. Final X can run at up to 35m/55km per hour, and jump close to 6 feet upwards and 30 feet across.

Final X is able to absorb further powers but he is unaware as how to do and he has no immediate desire to do so.


  • Because of his erratic healing factor, if Final X is taken by surprise or is wounded in several areas in quick succession then he will not heal properly.
  • His heightened senses make him vulnerable to pheromones
  • A fractured mental state makes Final X almost immune to mind reading and mind control but a powerful enough telepath would have no problem overwhelming him with mental imagery.

  • Final X is shown to be deathly terrified of a woman making him powerless, he does not disclose this reason to anyone but if he is faced with a woman dominating him he becomes unable to move or react.

  • Final X has sustained several injuries before obtaining his healing power and this has left nerve fibres exposed on parts of his body (between his shoulder blades, right thigh and his upper left arm). If struck with enough force on any of these areas Final X will be incapacitated or even pass out.