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Yeah i think they got the Kryptonian powerlevels right for these films. Fast but not so fast that they need to use slo-mo all the time, strong and durable enough to be impressive and more or less beyond human ability to stop (hard to nuke him if he was trying to avoid it) but not untouchable or like he would be unable to have a knock down fight without causing major Earthquakes etc.

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Me also :-)

Its tough - Superman/Cavill etc got a bit of a raw deal with MOS morphing into Justice League 0.5. OTOH I was hardly a fan of the MOS vision of the character while BvS seemed so curiously indifferent to Superman in general except for everyone elses reactions to his existence. Hes almost like a minor character.

At this point though its hard to say whats going to happen with the DCEU and upcoming films (even JL1) given whats happening with BvS at the Box Office.

This comment made me laugh for a good ten minutes.

@drocta said:

"we have to wait for a good script"

Hasn't stopped you before!

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@dasabi said:

@fifthchild: MCU Hulk showed some pretty clear limits. He was KO'ed after falling from the helicarrier in Avengers, and then by a sucker punch from the Hulkbuster in AoU. He was pinned down and effectively incapacitated by Chitauri sleds until Iron Man nuked the mothership. He also could not break the walls of Iron Man's prison device in AoU and had to tunnel out the bottom instead.

Additionally, his best striking feat against the Leviathan has the context of the Leviathan flying straight into his fist. Under similar circumstances in real life, humans have punched out bears which would not happen without the momentum of the charging bear itself increasing the force of the punch.

I dont see any evidence that he was KOed by falling from the helicarrier - i think its more likely he simply reverted to Banner a la TIH where Banner wakes up in another country. He was KOed in AOU after he shook off the mind control and calmed down when he saw the damage he had done. He was pinned down by the Chitauri. We dont know if he could break the walls of IMs prison because he didnt really try much.

The Hulk busting the Leviathan isnt even really the point. He all but stopped the forward momentum of an object the size of a small building with a punch. Bit of a sidetrack but i find the idea of a human punching out a bear to be utterly unbelievable and i'd be pretty sure thats an urban myth.

At any rate i dont see the idea that the Hulk hasnt been shown to be utterly invincible to change anything i said about how i think Hulk relates to Superman or Doomsday (who is said would win).

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@jashro44 Shouldn't this thread be locked considering that Doomsday is far superior to Hulk in every single way? Doomsday's energy emission disintegrated the entire surface of Stryker Island, that's more than enough to say that Hulk would get knocked out at the least. That alone grants Doomsday an easy win, never mind the fact that Doomsday is far stronger, more than durable enough to take everything Hulk can dish out and not to mention that he's much faster. This isn't a close match.

Meh, i dont see it like that. Superman could take Doomsdays omni-EP and i dont think Superman has been shown as more durable than MCU Hulk. I can see that the general consensus here is otherwise but they react similarly to aircraft fire as seen in MOS/Avengers - thats about as much of a comparison as we can make. At any the idea that Hulk is so far below Superman that one of those EP tantrums would KO him seems unjustified.

Again - i think DD wins - he evolves too easily/quickly - but i think Hulk would be strong and tough enough to give him a fight for a while with the angry/stronger factor keeping him in the game.

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@darkraiden said:

@gxrevolution: I disagree. It was clearly painted as him dying and coming back.

Nah, he was knocked out.

I think it was clearly more than him being merely knocked out but less than him being dead. The latter we know because Superman didnt spring back to life when sunlight hit his body later on when he actually died. The former can be assumed because Superman looked super messed up.

Basically Snyder was recreating DKR yet again where Superman is nuked and turns into a zombie for 5 minutes before being revived by the Sun/Earth.

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@klaus said:


Team one wins. Superman was pulling a ship roughly the same size (looked bigger) than the Leviathan the Hulk stopped. Superman wasn't even struggling to do it.

He was dragging it across the snow/ice - very different than lifting something or stopping something with a punch. It was a good feat but doesnt really change my opinion of what he is roughly capable of. MCU Hulk seems stronger than movie Superman but its a same ballpark type situation.

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The armor didnt seem like anything beyond a heavy metal suit - perhaps with some power to enable Batman to move normally. It was just enough to allow him to survive Superman roughing him up at the beginning.

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I think Hulk can push him but movie DD isnt going to be taken down by getting punched - unless Hulk went full WB or something crazy theres no win scenario for him here. Hulk would keep pace for a while but DD seems to power up easier.

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Can thor tank a nuke like Superman did?

Given that he survived the city destroying explosion in Sokovia I'd say he could "tank it" roughly as well as Supes did.

Anyway i think Thor/Hulk are a good matchup for these two but with the sword I'd have to give this to the DC duo. MCU Hulks healing factor hasn't been established to the state where it could deal with the sort of damage it could likely deal out and given that it was shown capable of taking limbs off DD i'd have to assume it could do similar stuff to Hulk.

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That's not really what the writer said though.

Now that we’re a few days out from it, a thought on Batgirl 49: I’m often interested in ambiguity as a narrative device. One of the things we intended for this issue was for it to be read in several ways, depending on your own interpretation and/or preference. I believe that an individual’s subjective interpretation of a work of art can matter as much as the artist’s intent. What does an image mean to you specifically? How do you interpret it based on your own set of experiences? There’s no right or wrong answer. This is, I think, an unusual concept for the superhero genre, where material is often strictly deemed canonical or “real,” or not. There’s no right, and no wrong, way to read that page. It is what it is to you. We deliberately set it up that way. If you want to read it as retcon, you’re welcome & encouraged to do so. If you want the timeline as-is, you are also encouraged to do so. Your own personal “truth” in this story is what we want you to take from it. How you read that page is how it is.

So it seems to me that it could go either way.

Meh. That 100% sounds like the writer trying to backtrack out of things now that they are getting some backlash.

The tweet from the artist made it pretty clear that they intended to change continuity and their antipathy towards The Killing Joke is pretty well established.

It reminds me of when that guy wrote the story where Hulk beats the hell out of Thor with his won hammer and then leaves his unconscious, busted up body lying on the ground. When Thor fans went mental he did an interview a t Newsarama where he tried to claim that the scene was written such that you could interpret it as Hulk "running away" from Thor's broken body because he was scared that he might...get up or something.