My ideal new x-villians team: Dark Brotherhood

Leader: Mystique = Unpredictable shape-morphing villain leader that always have undying hate to the X-Men

Co-Leader: Azazel = Demon warlock, swordsmanship, and teleporter that can help Mystique to fulfill any goal to destroying the X-Men

Members: Omega Red = The Ultimate Deadly Russian Weapon won't mind to take revenge specially Wolverine.

Vargas = Ultimate Super-Human with extremely dangerous abilities that in the past kill Psylocke and almost defeat the X-Men.

Ms.Steed = Mutant with raw psychic abilities that can act as psychic defense due her immunity mental instruction.

Cordelia Frost = Little sister of Emma Frost, the most powerful empathic mutant, the Professor X of the Empathy, can take revenge of her sister Adrianne Frost's dead by the hand of her own sister Emma.

I believe this could be a interesting team that could use different reasons to hate the X-Men. I hope you guys like this team.

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