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Team one, because I like all of those characters. the other team does nothing for me. I like Iceman, but that's about it.

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The top team seems to lack focus. There are two 'tank/heavy hitters' (Sabra and Gentle), a tech man, but a huuuge slant toward stealth work (Betsy, Remy, Laura, and Kitty) and no one with defined leadership qualities for a good team Dynamic. If it were Ororo at the helm (hence, team Storm), I'm trying to see a reason for the team members and their aim. All in all, I don't think it'd be a fun team dynamic to read.

Team Rogue: Threnody, Indra, and Ariel seem just tossed in here at random. Threnody's a bit insane at the last she was seen (and raising dead in X-Man). Lifeguard... I was never a fan of. The new Warren? No way.

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Team Storm has more interesting characters

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i like the idea of b & c list characters getting the spotlight but why team storm or rogue? or better yet try to put them in cyclops & wolverine's places (Post-schism) as overall leader then build the teams from there.

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Is it bad if I say neither?

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How about a team with Ariel and Boomer? That sounds fun.

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Neither. They don't excite me.