Merry Christmas!

Food is cooking and I am watching an ncis holiday marathon! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I just wanted to wish everyone on the Vine a very merry Christmas! :)


How I got into comics...

I'm not sure if I ever told you how I got into this colorful world of comic books! up to junior year of high school, I was a deliberate anti-social. I wouldn't talk to anyone nor would I find any hobbies or sports to "get me out in the world". before my junior year, my mother was pushing every single club in my school in my face! 
Mom: "Try volleyball!" 
Me: "I suck at sports, Mom." 
Mom: "Try Math club!" 
Me: "I have a C in Algebra, mom." 
Mom: "We'll talk about that later. But what about the Islamic Society? Don't you have a friend there?" 
Me: "I do. But that doesn't change the fact that we're Roman Catholic!" 
Mom: "You need to something this year!" 
Me: "Ok! If I join one club, will you leave me alone?" 
Mom: "Fine." 
So I join the Comic Book Club. Allow me to describe the Comic Book Club at my school... most of the members join just to use the computers in the classroom that doesn't have any school lock on the internet. one my first day of the club, I went straight to a computer. in the middle of the classroom, there was a group of the actual die-hard fans having a discussion about clones. I was like "you're kidding me, right?" Then I heard a name that sounded really weird, X-23.  

I remember the character on the cartoon show so I went on the internet and checked her out. Ever since then i became hooked.

Should Wolverine be in Collision?

I know the writers said that he wouldn't but wouldn't be great if he did? I mean can't you just see it...

*X-23 and Daken are fighting in the X-Jet*
Logan: "Stop it, you two! I will pull this jet over!"
What do you guys think?