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All-New X-Men (2) 0

Previously:As Hank had begun to feel the growing pains of perhaps his last mutation (he has become too physically unstable for his heart and brain to easily function), he felt the need to make things right before his possible death. In order to stop a mutant civil war against Cyclops and his brigade (Emma and Magneto so far), he decided that desperate times called for desperate measures. He knew that Iceman was right when he said, "The Scott we grew up with--He would hate this. He would slap the...

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Minimum Carnage Part 4 0

The Good:The story is advancing along really well. They were able to set up for the next issue without making this one dull (which is typically pretty hard to do). They were able to keep a good amount of action going while moving the plot along. And, they even added a couple good surprises.The dialogue for this whole series has been spectacular!! And, I love the idea of the Redeemer hoping to save the Microverse while Radu wishes to become its god (through corruption).I really like where this on...

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Deadpool NOW! #1 0

The Good:Deadpool is an awesome character. The Merc with a Mouth is funny, he kicks butt, and he's totally regenerative and undefeatable while doing it. The fans of the Marvel Universe tend to fall madly in love with him. No one can quite cut their way out of a giant green monster's stomach in just the same way as he can. It's good to see him with his regen. back. And, I'm glad he's retained his own series (instead of being only in the new BA T-Bolts title).The first page of the book really pull...

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