After I found out that Batman was given a Kryptonite ring by Superman (in case Superman ever needed to be killes), I though to myself, "Well, that's dumb. Batman doesn't need a Kryptonite right, it's not his style. He'd use his brain to beat the Superman. He'd probably find a way to teleport him to a part of the universe with no sun, rendering him powerless... Or, just sick Zatanna on him."

Today, I was thinking about Cap' Marvel. It would be pretty wicked if Marvel killed or at least beat up Superman. Assuming that the Kryptonian is still powerless against magic, Marvel should be able to kill the crap out of him (because his powers are all magic-based).

I know the chances of this ever happening are pretty low (given both of their character traits).

But, has this or something like it ever happened? Could it happen?