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@Silver2467: Um, the shattered God was trillions upon trillions, which means times trillions. That was far beyond light speed. She blocked point blank omegas, without even being near them. Also FTL. And HV, several times, etc. Also, she caught MM, being pulled into a black hole. which is faster than light speed, since Light cannot escape it. Should I go on? 
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@czarny_samael666: You severely underestimate Despero. And you too easily equate his being hurt, in different forms, with his massive strength and tp advantages. And he also can teleport, and take over any body he chooses. Making him more or less powerful depending on the body. 
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@RyuHayabusa: Superspeed, is NOT infallible. If it were, Zum wouldn't have almost taken Wally out. And MM got pwned by Primaid. She even laughed off his hit. So again, having many powers, does not equate to being Superior. If it did, Surfer would be able to defeat Thanos. And GL would be able to beat Zoom. Who basically only has one power, Time manipulation. But we know it's not about the amount of powers, it is about the amount of POWER. 
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@Lady_Liberty: No. it was a strength feat. Since she couldn't push herself up. Barda doesn't even have enough strength feats for you to even say she's stronger than Herc or Hulk. At all. 
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@blackadamFTW: Lobo would stomp the crap out of Hulk? Like he did Etrigan? Who had problems with Blue Devil? 
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@CitizenBane: Oh sweetie. You are hilarious. WW caught Jessee while engaged in a battle in the speed force. As in, Her own speed matched Jessee's. Who was battling Christina, who herself was amped. Now have a good day. Since it's obvious, I don't like you, you don't like me, and I think it's best we dont' engage each other. Since I know far more about Wonder Woman, than you ever could, you can't teach me anything. Which means you are of little use or value to me. How's that for a nice insult? Better than crap very base insult you threw at me. 
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@blackadamFTW: So more of the same. Explaining away what you don't like. Got ya. And yes, Amazo's speed is always on. I could prove it, but the way you debate, you'd just say it was PIS. And Yes Kid Amazo wasn't distracted. Since you know, he had Superman's senses, MM's TP, etc. WW was just that fast. And you explaining away all of her speed feats, for the purpose of making Flash's speed look better is very telling. Bias at it's best. 
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@charlieboy: No. The scroll itself does boost speed. 100 times that of the holder. And yes, she did catch "him". If touching any part of her is catching. She also came from behind him and caught up to Her. 
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@FMStyyx: Hulk can't break the lasso. No one can under Galactus. And even he may have a hard time. Mkay. 
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@CitizenBane: Thank you so much for the Flash fact. Now show, where WW was aided in entering the speed force. Since, SBP was actually carried there. And WW entered after Jessee and Christina were already in. I"ll be waiting.