Road To Alcatraz: Faatina Knightfall Retcon

20 Miles of the coast of Barbados


The stormy overcast made the approach somewhat simple, enhanced stealth drives actively misdirect would be sonar/radar capabilities by miles. The Obsidian plowed through the ravenous Caribbean waters slowly approaching the targeted Isle. This small Caribbean Isle was the resting place of the Legendary Masquera De Cortez, a legendary mask that allowed it’s wearer to cast extreme life-like illusions—an item once worn by her half-sister Ziccarra Liafador.

She stood slouched on the hull being slowly thrust every which way by the melodic will of the ocean, slowly sharpening the rigid edges of both her Nirvana and Styx blades she watched; as crew manned the stations in preparation for landfall.

“When we reach landfall, perform security measures 15 miles around the town; I don’t want a soul leaving” She spat taking a half-step towards her first mate. “Aye Aye Captain” He said, scurrying along the massive vessel relaying her orders.

As the towns faintly begin to rise over the aquatic horizon, the 5’7 Half-Liafador, Half Knightfall gently begin to apply her White and Red face paint. Initially white, for the long lineage of Knightfalls that lived and died before her; and Red for the long string of Liafador’s that bore a blood oath to the Red Cardinals. Now neither hue made any difference to her.

In truth she never claimed either side of her prolific heritages, discarded by her parents as a mere child; The Half-Spanish, Half-French, Cerise Swashbuckler; found herself involved in a series of Palestinian-Israeli conflicts. Her mercenary work in the region, as well as Tibet; earned her the “Cerise Tactician” moniker, a title she later augmented to fit her plundering occupation.

“Captain, there seems to be some sort of greeting party at the port. How shall we proceed?” Her Iberian navigator yelled spying a large force at the port.

“Proceed as planned, prepare for engagement.” She replied coolly. “Divers ready” She said pacing behind her scruffy first strike team; as they prepared to dive over board. “DIVE you dirty bastards!” On her command the first strike team launched themselves into the gluttonous ocean waters; to make landfall. A good fifteen minutes elapsed, filled with the sound of climatic swordplay and gunfire. Faatina’s eyes winced at the suspected outcome; however her thoughts were interrupted by her first mate.

“They’ve made landfall captain, shall we prepare to disembark?”

“The Silence is misleading, weigh anchor; but I’m going in alone”. As she slowly sauntered towards the steps, her demon blades begin to levitate around her body; as if controlled by a phantom. As her onyx tinted boots made contact with the port, an arrogant smile gradually crept across her two toned face.

"Me? You're a pirate in the Caribbean"

“Ziccarra” She said, giving a crude greeting to her Iberian half-sister. The 5’5 Liafador Matriarch stood battle ready in her Cardinal Armor, with her raven tendril-like hair falling way past her shoulders.

“I see you have taken those stories of the Amazon Princess too literal” Faatina Jested, watching as her blades continued to spiral around her person.

“Me? You are a pirate…in the Caribbean” Ziccarra replied wiping residual blood from her Black Rose Blade.

“I did not come here to fight you sister, but I will if you think you’re leaving with that mask.” Ziccarra’s declaration did little to bend the will of Faatina; as a matter of fact it became a source of hilarity.

“I love your confidence sister; it seems that playing assassin with Quintus has made you forget. I made you” Just as soon as her words finished both; The Dread Pirate and the Modern Day Athena were locked in a thunderous gridlock of blades—Ziccarra’s one vs. Faatina’s two.

Thanks to Ziccarra’s newly augmented goddess strength, repelling Faatina should’ve been cake, but as she was quickly learning, The Cerise Swashbuckler was full of tricks.

“My, My, aren’t we scary, you’ve never been any good against magic” Faatina jested, conducting her black magic through her blade to weaken the strength of La Malagueta.

“You…were…human…” Ziccarra strained, losing ground in the gridlock. “I guess that makes me a liar” Faatina replied, sending a jarring knee to Ziccarra’s gut causing “The Goddess” to stumble backwards and eventually down to one knee.

From far off Faatina’s ears perked at the sound of her crew arriving to aid her in battle. “If you were just fighting them you’d be outnumbered, but you have to fight me and you’re outclassed” She said, mentally commanding her blades to plow into the Earth in front of her.

“Heh…outclassed? Maybe, outnumbered? Never. Cardinals…” spawning from seemingly nothing, Ziccarra’s Cult of Cardinals dropped from thin air like phantoms, drawing a “Cardinal Ring of Fire” around their queen; the druid-like sentries stood waiting a command.


The Cardinals swarmed the black clad pirates drowning the dock in a sea of red and black banners. To match Faatina’s dual wield; threw her hand to the air and summoned her Aegis shield. A silent calm resonated within the bosom of the Dread Pirate, she’d seen enough of Ziccarra’s tactics to know the shield meant faint sword strikes coupled with a barrage of shield strikes.

At her distance, she could see the Modern Day Athena slowly shifting to the balls of her feet. Lunging forward Ziccarra, as predicted; sent her sword first, A swift step to the right caused the lethal strike to fall left; allowing Faatina to begin her surgical strike at the Goddess’ knees.

Sending a swift kick to Ziccarra’s right knee, she capitalized on the buckling goddess by sending swift but effective right elbow plowing into the unguarded face of Ziccarra.

“You have a shield; I’m not so sure you know how to use it.” She jested. Dashing forward with her hands extended back behind her; Faatina launched herself into the air, her demon blades met with her mid-air as she sought to berate the goddess into submission.

Quickly recovering from Faatina’s disorienting elbow strike; Ziccarra thrust her shield to block the aerial strikes. After a series of lethargic movements, Ziccarra found herself outside of Faatina’s range; but so was she.

Pushing forward, she allowed Faatina’s blade to violently pierce her armor and eventually her skin; fighting through the pain she clutched Faatina’s freehand as it sailed just over her head. Bending at the knee she thrust back and sent her half-blooded sister airborne.

Faatina landed hard on her back writhing in agony, but her pain was nothing compared to the pain that course Ziccarra’s veins.

Losing strength quickly thanks to the poisonous effects of Black Magic, Ziccarra dropped back to one knee with blood smeared across her face and nose. The grinding fatigue she was experiencing was foreign, until now she’d never encountered a foe using magic. She’d have to make a mental note for future encounters.

Her eyes dart back to Faatina; who was in the process of recovering, pushing through the fatigue the modern day Athena darted across the gravel to finally put Faatina down.

Rolling into a crouched position; Faatina found her on the odd end of the engagement; having trained Ziccarra in swordplay and tactics; she never experienced a hand-to hand encounter with the modern day Athena.

Clamorous strikes were exchanged between the two, but it became clear after the initial clash that Ziccarra had more extensive training. “So…you’re not just a marauding idiot” Faatina somewhat applauded as her intended knee towards Ziccarra’s ribs was blocked.

“My…ex-husband introduced me to a few colorful souls; one being Ishin of the famed Reisho Monastary” Ziccarra said, calmly blocked more strikes with her wrist.

Time was not on Ziccarra’s side; she was bleeding from the mouth and shoulder on top of the black magic coursing its way through her veins. Though Faatina didn’t know it, Ziccarra’s strict Cardinal training regimen allowed her to bypass mental pain through use of her body’s dormant “Sleeping Phoenix Technique”

A lapse in response time due to fatigue saw Faatina once again connect with Ziccarra’s injured knee with a low kick, catching the buckle yet again; the Dread Pirates knee slammed into Ziccarra’s face forcibly depositing her on the ground.

The torrential rush of her own blood didn’t stop Ziccarra, using her powerful leg muscles; she leg swept Faatina to the ground. The half-blooded sisters rose to their feet at the same time, but Ziccarra quickly charged towards Dread Pirate, pulling her left fist backwards, as if she were going to send a powerful hay maker However, at the very last second as she was within striking distance; Ziccarra threw her shoulder towards the ground, and executed a butterfly kick. Connecting on Faatina’s left side; the thunderous kick left the Swashbuckler scrambling to get back to her feet.

It became apparent to Ziccarra just how much energy she lost, that kick should’ve knocked Faatina out. “Time to end this!” Ziccarra screamed as she gently landed several feet on Faatina’s left side, continuing her assault The Modern Day Athena executed a lightning-fast succession of high and low kicks, each one hitting the intended mark; as Faatina was feeling the wear and tear on her own body.

Pulling her left hand back, Ziccarra thrust her middle and index finger into the vital pressure point on Faatina’s shoulder making it completely useless. Pulling her right hand back, the Cardinal Goddess pushed a forceful palm into the torso which unceremoniously sat her half-blooded sister down.

Breathing laborious, the Cardinal Goddess used her wrist to wipe the blood from her face. “In your blind rage, you neglected to realize I changed the scenery.” Ziccarra informed, motioning to the illusion that was slowly dissipating; revealing the local police.

“Diamonds Shatter, Queen's Conquer” Ziccarra said, flying off to tend to her wounds.

Wonder woman5


The Cerise Swashbuckler

The invigorating sea mist anoint her face; showering her platinum hair with a slight mist. “CAPTAIN! Her first-mate screamed, alerting her to the powerful presence of an open sea storm. “Archer, you old seadog up into the crow’s nest” She commanded, fixing her eye’s to the storm brewing maybe 30 minutes away.

“Blimey, Archer count how far out she is, I want a detailed answer; when my hands return to deck” The red armor clad buccaneer callously watch her subordinates tend to their duties before heading to her quarters. Descending from the deck her eyes fell a masked man sitting with his back towards her.

“Ye failed, It’s not overly surprising coming from ye, Liafador” Faatina took a seat behind her desk; eying the masked “Beta-Wave Baron; Kane Liafador”. “Ye told me, you’d bring me the mask of cortez” There was a hint of sardonicism in her voice, having known Ziccarra; it didn’t strike her as a surprise as to how he came up empty handed.

The ship violently began to rock; neither Kane, nor Faatina moved with the turbulent vessel. The sound of her fellow buccaneers scampering on deck, brought a slight smirk to the face of Kane.

“Ziccarra… is not in… possession of the… mask; however we can still proceed without it” He reassured her, taking a shot of whiskey.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the plan is achievable, It would’ve been a lot easier with the mask” She retorted, taking a moment to flash the flawlessness of her cutlass.

The rain of the impeding storm begin to barrel down upon them; the continued display of mental permanency, between both Kane and Faatina was a silent demonstration of the resiliency they both harbored.

“Where’s… the… wizard?”

“He’s a vampire, and a warlock; although I’m pretty sure he’s more vampire” Kane didn’t look to interested in the biography of Daphne but, his absence still perturbed him. “It is to my knowledge that he is still looking for his book.”

Faatina rose from her feet, strapping her cutlass on her back before moving back towards the deck. “A man with… infinite magic prowess… can’t find one little girl? …incompetence”

Kane walk one pace behind Faatina, their volatile relationship not built on trust; the three of them; Kane, Faatina, and Daphnes, were in it to build what each of them thought the world should be.

Returning to the deck, the ship was in the middle of the sea storm; she smiled watching how diligently her crew worked to keep them afloat.

“Not a scratch…impressive” He whispered, his raspy voice causing some soreness in the throat.

“I thought you knew, this ship is only pervious to magic” Faatina turned back to Kane with a deviant smirk on her face.

Descending from the staircase; she moved through the hordes of former cypher members, accessing the work they achieved. “GANGWAY!!!!” Someone yelled, the swabs began pushing and shoving to make way for Faatina.

“I don’t… like you… Knightfall” Kane expressed, keeping his hands behind his back as to not alert the neighboring Buccaneers. “The prearrangement of this….duet is the same…. as before; however if that…were to change…just know I’ll…kill…you” He hissed.

The Cerise Swashbuckler chuckled, nonchalantly relocating a strand of unmanageable hair; and placing it behind her ear. “Ya hear that me mateys, this lubber here thinks he can kill your captain” The wild buccaneers swarm around both her and Kane; letting out a boisterous yell of solidarity.

“You aren’t the first Liafador to try lad; and to that I say fair winds, when this little duet is done; and you find it in your heart to act upon those feelings. I will be sure to wash the poop deck with your blood” Kane’s smile could be seen from the corner of his mask, he and Faatina were the black sheep’s of their respective families; but even in alliance they would not allow one another to gain too much of an advantage.

Tilting his head towards the island, his eyebrow rose just a bit. “A bat. In the middle of the day?” His skepticism confirmed by an instantaneous metamorphosis process. The thick black powder smoke clear in the air, in the aftermath; an older man dressed in 18th century Victorian clothes; stood amidst the party.

“Allow me to elucidate you, Mr. Liafador; this is Mariner Bay; on the outer fringes of the Black Kingdom. I am Daphnes Alain Whinecrest”.

Faatina and the Kane stood side by-side watching the theatrics of the warlock, now that all three of them were together; the progression of 1984 could continue.

Liafador International Threat Registration


Name: Faatina Malika Knightfall


Bhagalpur, India

Age: Roughly 43 years old.

Parents: Adoptive Mother and Father deceased. Birth mother, deceased. Birth father: Jayden Knightfall.

Bio: Faatina was the first child of Jayden Knightfall, her mother; an Austrian accountant died giving birth to her. Her father at the time, was far too young to take care of her. He gave Faatina up for adoption as a child, to an Indian family. Her new family, allowed her to keep her last name, as a homage to her father who sacrificed his right's for the child's safety. For most of her life, her family supplied everything she needed, but on October 24, 1989 the Bhagalpur riots took her adoptive parents, once again reducing her to somewhat of an orphan.

Faatina was mentored by, high ranking Israeli officials, and used her knowledge to train her own squad of mercenaries.After four years in Israel, she broke away from her military affiliation and, founded CYPHER. Known for her extensive military strategies; she increased her wealth by profiting off the war between Muslims and Jews. Her Cypher organization experienced unprecedented popularity, but left Israel for Tibet.

Upon setting up shop in Tibet, Faatina was met by stiff resistance, by the Red Cardinals. Ziccarra Liafador, the youngest child of Sabella and Ramon Liafador; had risen to the top of the Liafador family, and in the process switched the once righteous cardinals to a murderous cult.

Because of how intricate her planning was, Cypher managed to beat the Cardinals, at every battle; until the Tibetan government could no longer provide payment for her services. Not long after the Cypher left, The Red Cardinals took over in the Tibetan provinces.

"Threat Level: B. Faatina has been quiet for quite sometime; however with no surefire way to locate her, she has the distinct advantage in appearing anywhere. Though she is more likely to appear where the monetary value is high; thinking she'll be quite for too long is a foolish thought."