Outcast Studios - LIVE DRAW NIGHT March 2012


It's that time again...

This Sunday night was held another one of our usual LIVE DRAW NIGHT drawing jams at the Outcast forums.

Our quarterly Jam session featuring 4 hours of non-stop drawing.

As before, I kept my Twitter account updated all the way through the challenge.

It was fun, it was crazy, lots of neat fun art were produced by all who entered the jam!

Here's my usual blog-recap of the evening.

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Let's dig into these drawings produced by yours truly, shall we?


It consisted in a series of 5 minutes quick sketches to warm things up.

The LDN was going strong already!

Here's Hellboy, in all his chum glory.

Bow, mortals, before the fantastic Galactus!

Someguy called Briareos apparently...

Catwoman's turn now!

And finally, Daredevil!


Two 25 minutes sketches, using both two different set of proposed characters and then reimagined as "ROCKSTARS".

So I simply took STEEL.

...and here's Black Canary!


25 min per sketches - using proposed characters and a little gimmick rule.

First one was to make your own Amalgam character using 2 of the first proposed characters.

So I took Booster Gold and Jubilee and made "Booster Lee"!! XD

'didn't came out half bad, if ya ask me~

Jubilation Lee Carter, aka Jubilee Gold!!

A sparkly mutant in search of fame and fortune in the past.

This second one was a gender bended character.

I took Adam Strange, though I prefer to consider this to be Alanna Strange in a similar costume personally~


Remembering a Legend: Moebius

RIP Moebius

To end the night, we got to pay our respects to the passing of this comic book artist, we had a little homage to Moebius to come up with.

A 50 minutes drawing.

'Went with this tribute of Arzach/Moebius.


And that's all folks!

Hope you enjoyed 'em all!

The next one will be in June (sadly..).

Another fun practice session, and fun time.

You can join in the jam at the outcast studios.

Good Night everybody!~