Outcast Studios - LIVE DRAW NIGHT March 2012


It's that time again...

This Sunday night was held another one of our usual LIVE DRAW NIGHT drawing jams at the Outcast forums.

Our quarterly Jam session featuring 4 hours of non-stop drawing.

As before, I kept my Twitter account updated all the way through the challenge.

It was fun, it was crazy, lots of neat fun art were produced by all who entered the jam!

Here's my usual blog-recap of the evening.

You can have a look at my past entries in these following posts:

- LDN February 2011

- LDN May 2011

- LDN September 2011

- LDN December 2011

Let's dig into these drawings produced by yours truly, shall we?


It consisted in a series of 5 minutes quick sketches to warm things up.

The LDN was going strong already!

Here's Hellboy, in all his chum glory.

Bow, mortals, before the fantastic Galactus!

Someguy called Briareos apparently...

Catwoman's turn now!

And finally, Daredevil!


Two 25 minutes sketches, using both two different set of proposed characters and then reimagined as "ROCKSTARS".

So I simply took STEEL.

...and here's Black Canary!


25 min per sketches - using proposed characters and a little gimmick rule.

First one was to make your own Amalgam character using 2 of the first proposed characters.

So I took Booster Gold and Jubilee and made "Booster Lee"!! XD

'didn't came out half bad, if ya ask me~

Jubilation Lee Carter, aka Jubilee Gold!!

A sparkly mutant in search of fame and fortune in the past.

This second one was a gender bended character.

I took Adam Strange, though I prefer to consider this to be Alanna Strange in a similar costume personally~


Remembering a Legend: Moebius

RIP Moebius

To end the night, we got to pay our respects to the passing of this comic book artist, we had a little homage to Moebius to come up with.

A 50 minutes drawing.

'Went with this tribute of Arzach/Moebius.


And that's all folks!

Hope you enjoyed 'em all!

The next one will be in June (sadly..).

Another fun practice session, and fun time.

You can join in the jam at the outcast studios.

Good Night everybody!~


Outcast Studios - LIVE DRAW NIGHT December 2011

Outcast logo

Hi guys!

Yesterday evening was my 4th participation in the Outcast forums all-new "Live Draw Nights" for this quarter!

(You can find my previous blogentries regarding those by either checking out my other blogs on ComicVine or checking out the following links for the LDN February 2011, LDN May 2011 & LDN September 2011)

This weekend was yet another rude sessions of sketching, sketching and even more sketching!

Like before, I tried to keep my Twitter account updated as I went along.

If you're just joining me and don't know in what this LDN art jam challenge consists, it was roughly 4 hours long of various challenge thrown at us.

It's kinda like being in a "virtual convention" with various online members of the Outcast forums, getting various different challenges every hour and having to quickly (either digitally or traditionally) draw a lot of random characters.

It's a real challenging practice.

It was fun to get all together and draw, draw, draw! Keep our senses sharp and our hand fast. A great way to work your skills if you will!

Like the previous times, we had a great time. Various characters and fun ideas during the night.

Just trying to keep up is a fun challenge in itself!~

Now, let's dig into yesterday's entries!

Hour ONE

HOUR ONE was a nice warm-up.

Simply, 10 minute/sketches coming for an hour!

We started with one of Outcasts' own creations, The Checkeredman!

Great way to get things started.

The Batwoman!

Since we only had 10 minutes for these, I decided to go the simplistic route

Le Marquis, from a French bande dessinée, from what I gather.

Never heard of the guy. Fun design though.

Dr. Manhattan.

Fun one to draw I gotta say.

Leonidas from 300, with obligatory meme, if you please!

...and that was the last one for this "HOUR".


This was the time to walk around a sec'. 10 minutes break for everyone at this point.

Hour TWO

Hour two consisted in two 30 min. sketches.

With a twist!

2 selected characters fighting random foes.

The first random subject was Blueberry & Lone Wolf (and Cub) versus Violent Cowboys!

Was getting carried with this one..

I had this epic western scene pictured in my mind.

..and the 2nd drawing was Lobo & Judge Anderson (from Judge Dredd) against, I quote, "homicidal telekinetic Toddlers", I kid you not.



HOUR THREE - It consisted in a longer 50 minutes drawing of Ghost in the Shell's main protagonist.

Motoko Kusanagi.

The idea was to either emulate this reference pic of a cosplayer or simply the character she was representing.



Fourth - and last final hour.

A drawing with a twist!

The subject was a steampunk'd version of one of the proposed characters. We had a whole hour for this one.

I decided to select the DK2 Batman & Robin, just for kicks

And that was all for this night!

Our next session will be in March, from what I gather.

All in all, it was a pretty fun challenge to keep up with :D


Why don't ya try joining in the fun for next time. (log in the outcast studios or even, try to keep up even if you don't follow these forum boards!)

Hope you enjoy these!

Until next time~

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Drawings -

Here's a bunch of my recent drawings :P

Some are for the "daily sketches" I do for the www.outcaststudios.com and others are just some of my own drawings I post on my dA at http://theeyzmaster.deviantart.com/

First of all here's a recent Nightwing drawing I did a lil' ago.

One time favorite Bat-character of mine during the 90s

(Sorry DCnU Dick Grayson, I just don't like your boring red suit...)

(Also, Cass!Batgirl, Steph!Batgirl and Pre-New 52 Red Robin easily took your spot as my favorite Bat-family member during the 2000s.)

PG, in all her Kryptonian glory <3

(Note to self: Needs more Atlee.)

You can also take a quick look at the Step-by-step process here: http://theeyzmaster.deviantart.com/art/DSC-2011-11-07-Power-Girl-steps-267775869

Okay, this one isn't really a comic book character per say... :P

But it was yesterday's sketch nonetheless! XD

By the by, here's another non-comic book related drawing but I wanted to post it here nonetheless!

Lately I've only been making sketch, so it was nice to make a proper pic this time. With a proper inking & coloring :P

Alright, ended up inking & coloring a sketch I did not long ago.

Mmmmh.. this didn't turn out that bad... My previous Elizabeth drawing was a bit more silly.

What d'you think? Better than my last attempt?

And the last one for this time.

Today, Shulkie! <3



Outcast Studios - LIVE DRAW NIGHT September 2011

Outcast logo

Hey folks!

This weekend, with the crew at the Outcast forums, we had yet another one of those so called "Live Draw Nights"! I tried to keep the rhythm, 4 hours of drawings sketches, while keeping my Twitter account updated during the night.

So, there's that. (if you want to follow me there!)

Like the previous times, we had a great time. Various characters and fun ideas during the night.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about... It's a art jam challenge, a sort of "drawing practice session" if you want. Divided in 4 hours, we received various characters ideas to draw under a specific time. Lots of participants this time around.

The four hours got progressively more demanding and challenging.

Here's last session in case you want to check it out.

Let's check out my entries, if you please~

First Hour

The first hour consisted in a series of 5-10 minutes sketches done back to back. Nothing much challenging, it was just about keeping the rhythm and entering the challenge with straight quick sketches.

We started simple enough with Nova. A character I think I never doodled before.

Since I was quite quick on this one, I decided to add-in a bit colors...thing I kept for all the following sketches as well!

Deadpool! A favorite of mine, so I knew exactly how to draw this one without references :P

HEY BUB!!! Wolverine, The best at what he does! Whatever it is that the guy does for a livin'~

'nuff said!

I'll say it right away, I don't like at all how Magneto came out like...


2nd Hour

Hour two was only one big sketch-long. Meaning, a 45 minutes sketch!

Red Sonja. Not much a fan of the character though. The subject was actually featuring her facing a random enemy (or this Death-something guy) or the after-battle.


3rd Hour

HOUR THREE!! 2 25 minutes sketch featuring a group/montage of a selected bunch of characters.

Group shot of a those characters. I went for something kinda JLI-esque.

Same group as before, but this time the montage had to feature a gender switch (I picked Iron Fist) and an age switch (Spider-girl here).


Final Hour

The 4th and last hour of the Live Draw Night! The final challenge of the night! Took me a whole fulll hour and a half.

The goal was to recreate a classic comic book cover - as a tribute - but featuring DCnU "The New 52!" redesigned characters. So I did the only thing I could do...

The famous JLI group shot (original by Kevin Maguire)!

Pretty fun :'3

In the order, from left to right, top to bottom: Godiva, Vixen, Fire, Ice!Tora, Blue Beetle!Jaime Reyes, Booster Gold, August General in Iron, Batman, Green Lantern!Guy Gardner and Rocket Red!

And that is all for this LIVE DRAW NIGHT session~

Thanks for checkin' out my stuff ;)


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