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This is a funny Book 0

If you have ever watched the animated cartoon, then this will be nothing new to you. The art isn't to bad, but the lines are a little cheesy. It kind of reminds me of Hulk Hogan telling me to drink milk and take my vitamins. This book almost has a GI Joe type feel but it fails to fully reach you on that level. For nalstagic value, its a fun read. For comic knowledge, leave it alone. Chuck Norris is a God, if you don't believe this then there is something wrong with you knowledge of pop cul...

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The Return of the Panther 0

I have this entire series. I have always liked Black Panther and am glad that the re-introduced him to all these younguns. I think that this series did a good job explaining the origins of Panther and explaining how he became who he is. Romita's art does the job nicely, although I would have preferred a style similar to Jim Lee or Michael Turners but who am I to complain?! I like how the introduced the polotics in this story of how Wakanda and the rest of the World interacts. It just really...

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Love Michael Turners Covers, and edgy Wolverine 0

I really liked this issue. For one, it starts with trying to bring you the closure that every Cap fan has been looking for. Two, the story takes you in the direction to finding who is behind Caps assassination. Most Cap fans really do not like Tony Starks right now, and this story pushes that issue. Wolverine and Daredevil on the same team is always cool becuase of the opposite personality. Plus, Wolverine throws a bit of a beating on Crossbones in this issue. I would also have to say when W...

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Enjoying the beatdown 0

I would have to say that this has to be one of my favorite revenge stories. The Hulk taking out Black Bolt in this series was just icing on the cake. They have done stories before with the HULK walking through the heroes of the Marvel Universe but I like the way this one has been written. The battle with Wolverine and the Fantastic 4 was classic. I guess we have to see what Thor, Sentry, or any of the other heavy hitters can come up with. I can't wait to see how it ends. Props to the WORLD BR...

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