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So they just stripped magneto of the only family he had...I liked that magneto had kids that he didn't have the best relationship with and now they have no reason to even associate with him. I'm actually happy I fell off comics(Money is tight) because Marvel & DC have become so convoluted in recent years and that's saying something.

Couldn't they just've revealed Magda was actually an inhuman? Thus Wanda & Quicksilver would be half inhuman and then you get the same effect essentially without messing things up again. Then you can address Magneto not knowing his wife's secret and investigating that part of her life because maybe the other inhuman knew her which might lead to other revelations for Magneto & the twins.

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@millmits said:

I hate it. I want sara back. This one has zero muscles this is so dumb. There is no way she could beat up grown men. They killed off the wrong sister. The actress playing sara did martial arts and parcour in real life and they replace her with this skinny-fat chick... unbelievable.

Um she actually has been gaining muscle since they started this season. Check out her Instagram, she actually posted her progress & for a thin woman she actually has visible results.

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@catboy said:

@darkbeam: totally agree, I love that Fish Mooney feels almost like a modern-day Eartha Kitt. I'm hoping that at some point she takes young Selina Kyle under her wing and helps form her in to who she becomes as Catwoman. Especially in the direction Selina is going in comics currently as the new Kingpin of Gotham.

Yea I've definitely been getting an Eartha Kitt vibe from Jada's performance and I'm not hating it. Also that Selina idea you just put in my head better happen or I'm going to be a little upset because it would at least make her relevant to the actual show instead of just appearing randomly.

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Watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower! It takes place in high school but it's focusing on multiple issues. The main character had a mental breakdown and is returning to school after like a year off. There's a reveal by the end of what lead to his breakdown and the scene is pretty great. There's subplots with his friends that play out well enough and the film is written & directed by the author of the book this movie is based on. Also read the book, it's a fairly short book & is a quick read. I don't want to spoil anything about the actual storyline so I'm trying to stay vague.

Yea...I really like this movie.

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I like how they made Roy the Robin-esque partner in a way that still fit the show.

Wait, has Sara been wearing a wig as the Canary this whole time? I feel like an idiot for not noticing. Anyway, I'm guessing Laurel will take up the mantle with her dead.

Lol don't feel bad for not noticing XD Sara was a blond who was wearing a blond wig. It seemed redundant to me.

Funny thing is Season 3 started and now Laurel's hair is pretty much blond yet in season 1 & 2 she was a brunette. So the Black canary path has already begun.

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@thedandyman: Nope, I felt the same way. lol But they have to put some giant morale dilemma to a simple situation. With that cop out ending where a baby/new born creature lays an egg.

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SOO MANY SHOWS TO WATCH. O_O I'm going to have to dvd wait some of these.

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Comicvine what have you done? I don't even watch wrestling but I'm a little addicted to this podcast with my minimal knowledge of wrestling from when I was in middle school. lol

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I kinda love Scarlett witch's costume but I'm a sucker for that style. It's reminiscent of Wanda when she appeared on x-men evolution just less over the top.

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Well Clara's experience with regeneration is basically nonexistent because she only has vague, essentially fading memory of her past lives, Day of the Doctor isn't even really remembered by the Doctor let alone Clara. Which it's nice to see that Clara isn't "perfect" anymore because geez she just accepted EVERY THING that's ever happened to her with minimal reaction. Then again Clara never saw the Doctor regenerate in the past so given the name of the process she assumed he'd be younger like most viewers would assume given the new series standard. Clara being a control freak is also insanely accurate considering how she had the Doctor pick her up & drop her off on a rigid schedule for all of series 7b(not a bad thing just funny it was finally pointed out).

I actually enjoyed the Vastra & Jenny jokes because at least they seem more like a couple because they actually show Jenny not just being her maid. Also I found it funny that Jenny keeps Vastra on a bit of a leash when it comes to monogamy instead of how Vastra was always shown as the dominant partner.

Strax is one of those love him or hate him characters. My friend started watching Doctor Who with this episode & pretty much liked everything(she was a little confused but loved Jenny & Vastra) but she couldn't look at Strax because "He looks like a mutated potato thumb."

I'm leaning towards a 4/5 personally but a 3/5 is fair because for new viewers this was barely a jumping on point & a new Doctor's first episode should be the jumping on point. Plus the episode was drawn out with little to move the plot forward at certain points so the pacing needed a better balance.