Scope of the DC Universe

The Lords of Emotion
The Lords of Emotion
Ok, so it's late, and i'm sooo fricken bored. The missus has been sleep for a while and i decided to take a list i made in class and transfer it over to this aight. I mean at least that way the first time i didn't pay attention in class hard-core this semester has an overall meaning later in life right?? Annnnnnnyway; i was thinking about the Marvel Cosmic scene compared to the DC Cosmic scene. Both have been fricken boomin, and yet there is a major difference. Marvel's has been a more noticable growth and change..where as DC's isn't much bigger than the GL mythos. I feel like that could be really changed over the last 2-4 years, and to the universe's benifit. Let me show you how ok. A well developed Universe is a bigger play ground, both for the DCU and our heroes. An this way, well the GL has more set in place to be played w/ after Geoff leaves (i can't see anyone else spearheading what i have in mind and making it fit the DCU anywhere near as well.) This'll give alien heroes more of a playground, and for whoever takes over GL and hopefully GLC and R.E.B.E.L.S. or w/e other Strange Adventures survive, just to make sure we have a good grasp of the situation. It also opens an amazing pathway for things to be done.  Using this set up tons of stories can be told, and the universe can be allowed to grow, even if we do have a basic knowledge of where it's going. An they can easily be quantified into Good, Evil, and Indifferent/Neutral giving the GLC foes, rivals, and those too be politically weary off, allowing the para-millitary feel to be kept and also have them return to more police heavy activity. Not to metion giving other books through which to feel out, and test the cosmis waters, and even see what it's like in space for people not Lanterns. An the overarching plot allows them all to feel like their connected w/o being completely bogged together.
Guardian of Good
Guardian of Good
 Forces that are fighting for the good, survival of the Universe, even if they don't truly understand how important their actions are. The only one who has any idea of their actions true importance is Ganthet, as he guides them all through the struggle. (He is truly a being of Cosmic power and acts his part.)     
Green Lantern Corps of Oa:  Do i really have to explain this one?  
Blue Lantern Corps of Odym: Hopefully Ganthet runs this and the GLC. A subdivision yep. 
Vril Dox's L.E.G.I.O.N.; They alreaady plan to bring them back, so we're still off to a good start. (Can also go under Indifferent/Neutral)
Earth (Justice League, Titans, ect): Heroes like Supes, and others can have more adventures abroad, and also can be more widely known. Like in the past or the JLU cartoon. Time they were a force again, even if they're nothing compared to the full might of the GLC.  
Darkstars: Have them come back not knowing Ganthet is responsible, he doesnt want the Universe to suffer b/c of the GLC's new concerns. Another rivalry on the surface, but Ganthet uses that to make sure they are up to snuff. He sends info regarding 3rd/4th choice Lanterns to Pharrin Colos for recruitment and training. 
Omega Men: I like them. That's all you need know, ; p No seriously they have tons of potential and if the cosmic universe does well an itneresting back-up in one of the books. (R.E.B.E.L.S. or Darkstars) exploring lesser known corners of the Universe. Vehichle used to introduce the Mystic Empire.
New Genesis: In preparation for the Apokalips War they begin to exert an influence in opposition, w/o revealing themselves. (Only wild card for this side)  
Strange and crew: Adam Strange, Comet, Tyrone, Prince Grayven, that other Captain, Weird, that whole crew. They serve as another back-up going from featurretes to being full-fledged charachter cameos in the other books. They're great heroes and of great help to the Universe. Ganthet uses them to deal with minor probs b4 they become major and spread his already thin forces even further.   

The Battle Ground an Prize
The Battle Ground an Prize
These are non-entities in the battle, but rather the prize. There are others, but these are the best defined, what Good and Evil seek to influence, conquer, protect, and defend or destroy. The don't realize the depth of the war around them, but neither do the foot soldiers. *(If two new msytic based societies, or just one if that's all you can come up with. With a King over-arching and mages...ya know what. I'll get back to you. God do i wanna be a DC writer. Really i do. I mean...i really really do.)*edit
Rannian Empire: Take what you already have, not to copy the Kree/Skrulls, but hell it works right?  Make the rannians even futher advanced Tech wise and expand upon that fundamental difference between them. *When the Mystic Empire (working name for now) is revealed to the readers explain their reluctance to deal with them as being based upon their reliance on magic instead of technology, even though the differences are negligable.*
Thanagarian Empire: They're there, they hate the Rannians, run with it. Make their people's relegion even more pronounced, and use it to further their inferiority/superiority complex against the Rannians. *Also make it so they have a history of conflict with the Mystic Empire, they just keep coming out the losers. When they decide to become cosmic players again, they are in strong opposition.*    
Star Saphires: Continue their mission, but are more misguided than evil. They want no part in the continuing war, realizing where it's headed and believing that their duty is to safe-guard love. Explains why their corps lessens in numbers and becomes less and less of a factor, but are still present and still fealt.
New Krypton/Daxam Alliance: They should be able to work together, if they were to start bulding a empire and survive the next big event, they'd be interesting until they were eventually dealt with. It'd be a fun idea to toy with. Ya know? Like the Inhumans (hey Marvel cosmic doing it big, only thing they got i like, and if a model works, why not use it with ya own toys?)  
Cyborg Superman and his Manhunters: He seeks simply death, a rogue force of destruction with a vandetta against all living things, especially weilders of the spectrum. Has an intense problem with the mystics b/c they are anethma to him. Seeks Ranns tech, and the Thanagarians discust him especially. UP reminds him of Earht and he wants to stop it cold. Everyone else simply dares to breathe. HOws that for a wild card?
United Planets: Another new Universal power the GLC has to deal with, and adds a chance of intrigue in Universal dealings since we know how this ends. Plus Kal/Mon/Kon (one of em) is responsible for seeding creating it. Having it grow at the same time Earth begins to branch out makes good since.)  
Agent Orange on Okarra: He's greedy, but nothing more than an irritant if left to his own lil devious and selfish devices. Aside from a lil bit more actively seeking things he desires, Orange Lanterns are almost once more extinct and he is back in seclusion. He is closely monitored.
Starro the Conquerer: B/c it would take the destruction of a species to stop him Ganthet forbids the GL's to overtly step in unless it becomes necessary, leaving loopholes that allow them to undermine futher expansion to a certain extent. In reality Ganthet feels he is nothing compared to the real threat and as such won't wast e the resources. Mangaes to nicely leavin him an irritant and distraction for the rest of the universe as an over-arching villian. When Mongul shows up you basically have warring Empires caught between two Conquering Warlords. Things get reaaaaal interesting for Dox's L.E.G.I.O.N. and the Darkstars Collos has trained.    
Khund: Choas bringers who are really throwing Darkseids plans off for Ganthet, makes it take longer for him to realize whats happening since he thinks they're pawns as well. Serve with Mongul in the end. In addition to the race he's conquered give him a powerful and expendable force to fight with. When he's eventually defeated they seek to keep control of the territory they helped him to capture.
Indigo Tribe: They stay out of most affars after Blackest Night making them almost a non-concern.  
The Dark General
The Dark General

 Unkown to them they are being manipulated by an unseen force, the returned shade of Darkseid who seeks his vengence. He uses them judiciously and mercilessly. The forces mean nothing to him, every single move brings him closer to his endgame:a universe under his total control. Not even Ganthet knows his identity, though they are embroiled in a conflict that will decide the fate of not just Galaxies, but the Universe itself.  

Sinestro Corps of Qward: They continue to serve as the anti-thesis of the GLC and their main enemy, though their influence isn't as great. They can't be completely snuffed out either.  
Empire of Tears (Red Lanterns of Ysamult): Atrocitus seeks to ressurect the fallen Empire, using the Red Lanterns as foot soldiers he gathers together an army of Mystics who slowly begin to take over a 3 sector area, 666/665/667 all falling under his sway, and declaring a Magical war on the Green Lantern Corps.  
Mordru's Sorcerers World: He creates his seat of power and begins gathering his own army of mystics, becoming the threat he was meant to be and also serving as a rival to Atrocitus, but no friend of the Lanterns.  
Psions: Continue their experiments, become mroe visceral as they reach the same threshold the Guardians crossed, making them something the Universe must now truly deal with.  Darkstars are main opposition, as Ganthet cannot afford to move the GLC against them, is slowly revealed.   
Mongul: Either Jr. or the III, a warlord with an army at his beck and call. A force on the opposite side fo the cosmos from Starro both cutting a swath and creating an Empire. When the GLC finally draw their attention to him he must be dealt with immediately. An daddy left him his rings, in addition to his own functioning War World. (How Darkseid is revealed, believes himself to be a free agent and independent. Until it's revealed Great/Grandfather Darkseid was pulling his strings all along, just like the rest of the cosmos before his life is ended. GL's totally confused...but wary.)
Spider Guild: Have to reassembled themselves, and are also a massive fighting force, ready to agressivly expand. A foe to GLC, Darkstars and L.E.G.I.O.N. alike but mostly to the Vril's forces.  
Apokalips: The true foe, Darkseid is seeking his ultimate revenge having crawled his way back from the darkest depths. This is the begginings of the final conflict that will leave him broken and trapped for the Legion to find, and the GLC but a shining memory of the Universe.  
The Torchbearer
The Torchbearer
The Future of Good
The Future of Good
An you have a DCU set up and ready to be explored, whomever is next to pick up the toys when the day Geoff must set them down finally comes. Everything he's created is part of the DCU's unaltering tapesty and you have everything between where Geoff ends, and where we find both the GLC and Darkseid himself during the Legions future to play with. If done right years of stories that can be tied together in what we know is gunna broil down to Oa vs Apokalips, and tell me you can't live with Oa going out in a blaze of glory if they take the Sinestro Corps, Red Lanterns and remnants of the Empire, Spider Guild, and Apokalips down with them?? Me that's a fight i'd love to see. An Ganthet and Darkseid are comparable beings, and if Ganthet gives up his life to seal him away, and Sodam must watch helplessly, or is forced to help while being unable to save him. Viola one broken warrior, whose entire war came down to a battle he could do absolutely nothing to win. Leaving us with a Universe ripe for the future of Legion 3 Worlds.