Marvel Re-Imagined: THOR AGENTS OF ASGARD #12



"Are you certain of this Loki? "

Said Odin as he sat on his throne, his signature spear Gungnir in his right hand and his gaze set on his son.

"There is no doubt in my mind, we cannot let this continue, the Dwarves are already few in number and this could destroy them, if we do not intervene. "

"I know Loki, but this is a difficult situation. "

He placed Gungnir next to the throne and left it, he then started to pace around the room, his hands behind his back.

"Im sure that you are aware of the situation on Svartalfheim, most of our men are there along with the Frost Giants trying to regain control of the world from the mad wizard Malekith. "

He stopped about a few feet away from Loki and stood there, watching the trickster.

"Besides you, your brother, Heimdall and Sif..... We have no one left to send. "

"Then send us! We may not have a thousands of soldiers at our command, but we have faced worse than these shadow creatures, I know that we can stop them. "

Odin rubbed his grey beard with his left hand, contemplating Loki's suggestion, after a few minutes he spoke up.

"Very well, I will follow through with your idea. "

"Excellent, I will get the others and leave imme-"

"You are not going, at least not on Nidavellir. "

Loki gave his father a puzzled look and raised his eyebrow at the old man, not sure what he ment by that, then it hit him....

"You're sending me to battle the Dark Elf usurper, why? "

"You have always been skilled in the court game my son, a master and legend in your own right of it, but it is time for you to step out of the shadows and become the leader our army desperately needs, I know you can do it. "

Loki simply sighed, knowing that Odin wasn't going to let go off this.

"But there is a flaw with your plan father, would you really send Thor, THOR! To act as a diplomaticemissary?! "

Loki laughed at the sheer thought of it, Odin on the other hand was nervous and skeptical as his son.

"Thor may lack the..... prowess in this particular field, but he will not be alone, I am ceratin the Dwarf Drirrwill keep a close eye on him and I have already asked an old friend to aid him... from the Valkyries. "

Odin said that last word with great pleasure in his voice and a smirk forming on his face, Loki's laugh turned from one of mockery to one malicious one.

"Oh father... why must you send me away now? Just when the real fun is about to begin? "


It had been several days since Loki, Sif and Heimdall had left for Svartalfheim, Thor on the other hand had just returned from a importan mission on Midgard and rushed to see his father, he was completely unaware of the situation in the Nine Realms until now.

"Father! I have returned from Midgard and it seems that things are not well here. "

"So you have my son and no... things are not well, I trust the others have informed you? "

"Yes, I wish to join Loki and my fellow men at arms, they need my help. "

"I am afraid that your Mjolnir would be of no use against the Dark Elves, instead you will go to Nidavellir. "

Thor chuckled at the mention of the Dwarf world, wondering had his father gone mad.

"You speak of Mjolnir being useless, yet you would send me down there in those tunnels and deprive me of my greatest weapon? "

Thor ment that Mjolnir's lightning was much weaker when the hammer was cut off from the sky, leaving Thor unable to summon lightning from the heavens themselves.

"Still, you would aid the Dwarves considerably, despite Mjolnir being weakened, you are still a powerful warrior and they require you more men like you and besides, a Valkyrie will aid you. "

Thor gulped with the mention of the Valkyries, there was one particular member of theirs that he issue with, he prayed that she would not be chosen for this mission, sadly his prayers were not answered.

Brunnhilda entered the throne room, shattering his hopes, she looked slightly older than when he saw her last, she still had a large pony tail running down her back, the signature white armor of the Valkyrie covering her whole body up to her head.

She had a blue cape running down from her shoulders to the floor, a shield in her left hand and a large broadsword in a sheath on her belt.

"Brunnhilda my dear! "

"Uncle Odin! "

They ran up and hugged each other, she wasn't really the niece of Odin, but she did grow up with Thor, Loki and the rest of the gang after her father, a close friend Odin's perished in battle many decades ago, Odin was the closest thing she had to an uncle and the title stuck with him.

"Brunnhilda! How nice to see you back with us! "

Thor smiled at her tried his hardest to act like he was happy to see her, but it was proving most difficult.

"Still playing soldier I see? "

"Still playing with your tiny hammer I see? "

She said teasing him and cracking a fake smile on her face, Thor's smile on the other hand immediatelyvanished and was replaced by a scowl.

The prince damned his father and once again prayed for this all to end as quickly as possible.....

To be continued.......