Storm in a Tea cup Part 1


Part 1

Edward awakes to the sound of his phone ringing, the shrill automated tones boring into his mind like a drill. Rolling over in his bed he outstretches his hand and pulls the phone to him using his telekenis like an invisble string to link the two together, its a London number what could they want. " Edward  we need you to attened a meeting here at HQ as quick as possible we have some important news for you , its in your interest to be prompt. Alert the desk when you arrive and we shall talk." Then the sounds of a dead line, must be important  Eddy gathered they didnt even say who they where. The wording sounded military and strangely familiar , getting up out of bed puting on some clothes when finally the thought dawned on him. The call was from Dr Blackman the Queens personal and countries best physician, something big was up he hadnt spoken with this Dr since he was a teen and was having his regular growth and health checks.
Deciding there was no time to waste Eddy started to run towards England as fast as he could muster, the phrase " its in your own interest " bouncing round his head like a cheap screen saver , what did he mean.  After a few hours of runing Edward  is in London and stopping at his appartment for a quick change, smelling of sea water and a bit sweaty isnt a good way of attending any meeting after all. A quick dash later Edward is now at MI6 HQ and makes his pressence know to the staff at the desk , who waves him through the doors ahead of him and then making the sign for 4 . Continuing his walk down the corridor  and reaching the lift Edward walks inside and selects 4  and waits as the lift moves down to the designated floor.
Walking out of the newly opened doors Eddy is greeted  by the sight of Dr Blackman talking to a few other white jacketed doctors  whom upon noticing that he had arrived disperse and head in various off shot rooms, leaving just himself and the good doctor alone in the bright white clinical corridor. " Ah Mr Windsor please come on through, you still prefer being called mr  and not buy the royal title i pressume. Its been some time Edward my boy ", Eddy smiles and simply replies " Mr suits me fine  still doc". Blackman smiles back at Edward but with the hint of uneasyness, the smile looked hollow as if if he was trying to mask something.  " Edward i dont know how best to say this so its best i come right out with it , we need to test your blood asap. We have reason to think you health and life maybe at risk from an unexpected further mutation of your genes." Looking up at Edwards face and witnessing the shock he continued  "This mutation was brought to our attention by one of your many siblings, who is now in one of our wards. The mutation is causing the body to no longer repair itself and thus with your already advanced life cycle your lifes duraition could be affeceted even more so"
Edward consents to a blood test, feeling weightless and floaty as the heavyness of the words are to much for him to deal with. What if he was also at risk , how could he fulfill his many lifes ambitions and goals , how long would he have left. Sitting in a stunned silence looking at the floor in front of him Edward awaits his results 

Part 2

After a internity of  waiting for his results another thought dawned on Edward, namely which of his siblings was the one that MI6 had on site.  Edward  Walks to the front desk and addresses the receptionist " Hi where is my Sister/Brother located please, i want to check up on them" calmly and not without a certain sence of authority the lady behind the desk swiftly replied " i am sorry you dont have clearence and your health would be at risk, we cant allow you to see them at this time." Edward was puzzled by this statement and repeated the question slightly differently " Let me rephrase, where is my brother or sister?, i have top level clearance and i will take all precautions needed. Lets not make this any more difficult then it has to be." The receptionist looked back at him , looked around scribbled something down on a piece of paper and pushed it towards him. Edward walks back towards the lift opening the paper as it travels up to him, there in rather neat but hastly written note the words ( floor 5 room 7) .
Getting into the lift and traveling down to the floor Edward realises that the room was probably being monitored and he strickly didnt have permission he had to be fast and as careful as possible. Finding a spare lab jacket on the back of a chair with name tag attached edward picks it up and stashes it  under his suit jacket, so it remained hidden to any cameras and staff about . Finally reaching the room Edward opens the door swifttly and closes it behind him. Looking directly into the room now he could see somebody in a plastic tent ahead of him wired to several machines, whomever it was they where clearly in a really bad way and since this was a problem he could possibly later face it was a sort of mission of mercy come self realization of what could possibly be coming. Putting on a  surgical mask that was hanging on the wall nerest the door he approached the bed.
"Hello brother , i senced you coming." said the voice from under the plastic, in a tone that went straight through Edward like a blast of ice cold air. "Arthur, i should throttle you right now for what you did to our family. How dare you , you single handedly detsroyed all of what was good in this family, and now you use it to get you help.  I would rather die than be in your debt." the anger was building in Edward he turns away from his "brother" only to be cut through again by his voice " You think i want to help  any of the  loved children of the program , they found me and they are using me as a guinea pig  before it affects somebody they do care for, such as the likes of you." Turning back around to face Arthur , Edward  replies " Who brought you in?" Edward picks up some charts at the foot of the bed  all showing worrying trends showing Arthur wasnt improving. " Brother surely you dont think i would give away that juicy piece of info for nothing, like the pictures ( pointing at the graphs)  they look good to me." Edward knowing his brother was trying to antagonise him just replied " you must be holding them upside down then, but they will sadly probably fix you. On the positive side least it means i get to escort you to nearest prision for you crimes in the not to  distant future."
The door starts to open behind Edward, who quickly checks the room for cameras, spotting two he realises the disguise he had hidden would be useless.  Placing the jacket down on a nearby table he  turns to view whos entering the room, It was Dr Blackman.

Part 3

" Hows our patient today , uuhh Edward howd you get in here"  fumbles the doctor.  Edward smerks and simpley replies " You honestly think i wasnt gonna check up on a relative  that was in the building, tut tut doctor. Why wasnt i informed he was here? and i hope you have some results for me now since you not in my good books " Arthur sneaks in with a sour comment from his bitter tongue  " do tell me brother dearest here has to join the plastic tent club, that would make my day  actually make that  my month" Edward Quickly turns to Arthur stares right into his eyes and remarks " i swear one more outburst like that and the next thing you will be doing is being fitted for a pine box ,you get me " Arthur mumbles " Spoil sport " Eddy was back facing the Dr now waiting expectantly " well ?"  he says in an inpatient tone. " You want the good news or the bad news first?" the doctor replies, Edward gestures for him to move it along. " well then, you do have the same genetic deafult as your brother" Arthur mubbles something, Edward gestures his hand in his brothers direction covering his mouth with a small telekentic shield ." Do be quiet for a few minutes brother, continue doctor". Dr Blackman started up again " while you have the same problem as your brother , your abilties are slightly different and we believe with you focussing enough energy into  grouping these renegade mutations together we can oust them from your body and allow your healing factor to repair the damage. However we are not sure this will work 100% the stress on the genes could cause the mutation to accelerate at an exponential rate till your completly altered on a genetic level." 
Edward stunned by the information loses his focus and releases Arthurs gag " Oh my its like the best soap opera ever " he giggles. Eddy is clearly annoyed by the comment and is about to do  something rather un heroic to his brother, when a skull shattering pain races through his mind like  barbed lightning. Edward shouts out as he crumples to the ground , cluthcing at his head. Dr Blackman hits a red button on the wall and in comes a flood of nurses and doctors who pick Edward up and wheel him out of the room much to Arthurs amusement who sits clapping under his tent " bravo , bravo give that man an oscar oncore, oncore". The trolley comes to rest in a room down the corridor with various doctors performing multiple tests on Edward who was now clearly out cold. Dr Blackman shouts over the chaos " get me another blood sample stat , i think the mutation has started we havent much time. We need to get the alpha and beta vaccine samples here asap"
Edward unconscious at this point was now  seeing himself in what appered to be some kind of prision , shouting out Eddy waited to see if he could get anybodies attention and find out what  was going on.  Soon as edward let his head dip in fatigue  a figure appeared ahead of him wearing what appeared to be some kind of ancient style suit of armour. " hello Edward iam the man you fear to be , after years of using your powers at safe levels you havent moved on or learned anything. I'am what you could and should be, and iam taking this chance you have given me to force my hand." You think a minor health problem like your currently experiencing would affect me ?,  i have mastered my genetic abilties  as you to should of have by now. Your genes are controlled by your consious mind Edward surely the best tactic here is to fix yourself correct?. Wrong let your  subconscious mind take over, its primal actions are far more instinctive and require no focus to be achived they just do as they know." Edward looks at this person standing in front of him studying his stance and looking over his armour. " If your truely me and the master of (our) genes why the armour? surely there would be little for you to fear in terms of damage." The armour let out a small laugh which was both eerie and familiar  before replying " your not ready to see me as iam just yet dear boy, soon thou soon."
The figure ahead of Edward dissapers as quickly as he appered leaving Eddy alone in his cell , contemplating what was really going on.

Part 4

Back in the MI6 building 
"Where the hell are thoose serums! " shouts Dr blackman in a voice mared with anger and confusion  , whilst looking franticly for an answer from his surrounding colleagues.  "If we fail to save this patient  you might as well kiss you jobs goodbye, the queen will be furious." A nurse runs into the room with a sheet of paper "doctor the blood results from the second sample", "what? this makes no sence, are you sure this is the right sample? "  the nurse sharply replies "100% doctor i took and ran the sample myself.".The doctor pauses for second,  his mind trying to compute an imposabilty. The results showed  no spreading. The status of the genes where stable. Why was the patient  outcold then? he considered to himself. Finally a man entered the room armed with a two vials one with a strange metallic liquid simular to mercury in apperence and the other with a black liquid which looked thick and almost tar like.  
The Doctor picks up the first vial ( the silver looking one) and prepares to inject it straight into Edwards neck. As the needles approaches his skin  reaching minimeters before contact a sudden burst of telekentic energy fills the room, pushing everybody back from Edwards still movement less body. His body starts to vibrate at such a pace the bed starts to rattle and shake apart leaving a now floating body in the middle of the make shift E.R. After the body seems to calm down and the dr had managed to pull himself up from the previous blow, he approaches Edward. As he approaches he starts to hears two voices but not in his ears, like they are being broadcast straight into his mind.  " Blackman leave me be, i have this under control i know what iam doing" clearly said the voice of Edward Windsor followed by another voice which sounded almost like an echo of Edwards "This is for his own good, no harm will come to him." The doctor couldnt believe what he was hearing who was the 2nd voice ? how was Edward in control if he wasnt concious ?. Stepping towards the body once again intending to inject edward with the same vial he had tried seconds before, he reaches out and again trying to inject Edward. This time the needle hits the skin but cant puncture it no matter how the dr tries, as he tried for the 4th time he heard another outburst " Doctor i have this under control" said the Echo like Edward voice.
Meanwhile inside Edwards cell he is once again talking to the man in the armour suit.
"How can you be helping me if you wont let me leave here and try to fix myself"  says Edward in frantic voice. " I'am showing you that you dont need their help. You have spent you entire life doing stuff the way your mind tells you, listen to your heart for once. If i had ment to harm you would i have not done so by now?" Says the suited man in a calm but slightly sinister tone.  " I think you need some motovation to change you ways fair enough" The suited man starts to remove his helmet. Edward watches and waits as the man reveals his identity to him, " Arthur" Edward shouts as his face becomes clear.  " Appereances can be deceiving Edward, I'am you. Where one way in you life you went left i went right and this was the outcome."  Edward thinks for a minute " so your saying you an alternate me ? . Come on Arthur you dont expect me to believe that."  Edward's double ganger simply replies "rather than just tell you, i will show you " he reaches out and touches Eddy head, revealing a flash of memories which race across Edwards mind. Just as the information starts to overload his sences. it slows down to reveal an image that stuns Edward to his very core. An image of himself and Arthur laying in the ruins of a burning building with tatters of the flag of Windsor burning on the nearby flagpole. " That was the day i stopped being you and became me "  said the double ganger. Edward stuned by what he just saw simply utters " what happened? ".

Part 5

Deep inside a memory,  in a  world not to different from his own. Edward began to her the story of what he had just seen. " The last image you saw was the day i had to make the toughest decision of my life , to do what no hero should for the greater good. While you see two bodies i assure you its not what you think. I gave  what i thought would be my life, to take down the Arthur of my my world once and for all. It turned out however that  while i sacrificed my body my consciousness had other ideas. This body isnt my original form as you easily spotted. The evil Arthur set lose destroyed all that i/"we" love. Combining his powers with some technology of unknown origin he was able to wipe out Windsor".  He takes a breath and continues, the weight of the word clearly  nearly overpowering him. "The guards, our family all but myself  where  killed in one burst of  hellish flame. It moved like a pack of animals seeking out all that would suffer in its extraordinary heat leaving only ruins and death in its wake. I stood ablaze both literally and figuratively in his manifested anger and i realised that he would not rest until i to would be dead. So i confronted him. After a long and brutal fight  i finally saw away to end it . I entered his mind and i shut it down it, i killed him." The doublegangers voice begain to wobble before again finding its stealy  authoirty once more. " I did it not for  justice, not for honour but for pure and uninihibited vengence. I poured every last piece of me into making his mind fry with the same fire he burnt my hopes and dreams with. This moment was both my greatest truimph and my greatest failure in one tight bundle. While i ended Arthurs threat i also ended my original form."
Edward stunned at the apparent honesty of his alleged doubleganger sat in awed silence. Yet his mind raced with a thousand questions he couldnt think how best to phrase them. The person in fornt of him knew suffering far beyond any of his own,  how could he relate to that.  Before he could form a question however the man in suit continued " My pressence here is to make sure you and any other Edwards i can contact will not share my fate. I will do my damnest to make sure that the threat of other Arthurs never  achive what my brother did. Its already cost me my family, my body, and my home and i will give everything i have left to make sure others wont have to be like me. This is why iam here, this body is just a vessel of my soul,  we are the same. I know you, i am you.   I'am here to make sure you are better prepared  and ready to do what has to be done like i wasn't. You need to kill Arthur now,while he is weak. There is no honour in it, but you will save everyone you care about i assure you it is for the greater good."
Edward looks at the man in front of him and can clearly see that the sincerity on his face and in his words, but the prospect of killing somebody let alone a person in a hospital bed was somewhat beyond him at the moment. The alternate Edward once again spoke " i know its against everything we stand for but he will never let you rest. I have seen into your brothers heart just like my own brothers the same fire is there, and it will consume your world if you dont put it out." The prision bars ahead of Edward fade away. "this place is a meeting place a shared part of both our minds, i have created it in order to help you if you need me and to link your mind with any other Edwards i find through the multitude of the universes i'am now searching. Now contact has been made i will realese your consiousness back to your body thou i have altered it somewhat for your own good."  Edward looks puzzled at this statement " your powers blocked my advances hence i had to knock you out to do waht i had to do." Said the alternate Edward as he continued. "Since your DNA is the same as mine i used our genetic abilties to alter your form for your own good. I have removed your aging blocks you power must not remain limited by your genes for it will certainly kill you like it did my body. Your powers will know be focused in your subconscious mind and will allow greater responce time and protection to you. However your powers will now be limited by your drive and desire, your limits will be down to your willingness to make things happen, you will still feel drained by heavy useage but your body will not suffer as much from it. I will be here in this place whenever you need me , your body is now once again your own and you can contact me by willinging yourself into this palce anytime you desire. I implore you to do what i asked and await any further contact. Go forth back into your world and hopefully do a better job protecting it than i did my own." 
Edwards body begain to stur in the make shift hospital room his body was rushed to. As he stirs he  begins to contemplate the stories he had just been told and remembers the events that took him to this "meeting place". Was it a figure of his imagination brought on by the passing out? was the alternate version of himself a part of him ?. Before he was fully awake however he heard the voice in his mind  one last time " fairwell for now my brother, good luck" Edward now fully aware that  the events he just witnessed where in fact at least partially real, realised so must be the mission he was set.  Standing up and shaking his head Edward to losen the cobweebs he could feel that his body was indeed different. it felt alive with untold energy as if he had been supercharged or filled with some kind of new fuel. Deciding it was time to get out of this room he re-dressed himself in his suit and begain to walk along the corridor towards Arthurs room.  The visions of the possible things Arthur could do burning in his mind ,and the words of "wisdom" of his alternate self ringing loudly like a church bell in his mind. Edward enters the room of his Brother looks him in the face  sees that he is sleeping and simply says " good bye brother, iam sorry it has to be this way" and with the end of the sentance all the machines come loose from Arthurs body as Edward sits and watches his body fall into lifelessness. Edward wipes a tear from his face , picks up his brothers lifeless form and carrys him to the lift. Edward walks past a small selection of puzzled nurses and summons the lift no words whre exchanged, Edward strolls out the lift and through the main lobby to the desk, his brother still in his arms he approaches the desk " I will not be back, this is the last i will haev to do with MI6 farewell" he say to a confused women at the desk, before dashing out of the door.
Edward runs with a focus and new drive unlike any he has had before, reaching the fringes of  the scotish highlands he comes to a stop.  He pulls the ground  in front of him apart with surgical precision  and places his brother in the newly made grave. Pushing the ground back together Edward fubbles through a short farewell " I know you and i never saw eye to eye and you have caused our family nothing but pain , but i always believed i could help you brother. I didnt want it to end like this, we could of been allies. I will use your memory to remind me that not all actions  for good are heroic, my only comfort is that i know you where suffering. And that your suffering would certainly lead to that of others. Fairwell Arthur." Edward forms a small memorial out of some nearby rocks before once again turning and running away.  
A few hours later
Edward finds himself two thirds of a way through a bottle of strong scotch , when his old CODA wrist communicator begins to beeb and vibrate with a ferocity that is currently unwelcome in Edwards pressence. Picking up his communicator Edward is greeted by the form of Mistress Redhead " Edward Windsor i am here to offer you a position in the COPS, we know of your former expliots and could use you if your still available." Edward mummbles a responce through his slightly alcoholic haze " Sure why not" before dipping his head into an alcohol enduced sleep. Mistress Redhead  replies " We will send you details to you  reguarding your  introduction meeting, see you soon." The communicator beeps for a second time, ending the transmission. Seconds later the communicator lights up with the contact information this would be the begining of a new life for Edward.