Broken Britain

February 14th 2037

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"Your highness our forces cannot withstand this assult for much longer. They outnumber us 10-1 and with your orders of capture and detain we are losing more men than we can pull out of the fight. We must use Lethal force or soon we face total defeat." .

"Thats enough! , dont presume to tell me how best to rule my country and watchover its people. Need i remind you the people your up against are our own citizens. I will not become a dictator and i will not support lethal action against my people."

" We need action your majesty, your sence of honor and fair play will see us crushed beneath them. Chaos will reign and your house will not."

"So be it, fetch my armour. At exactly 21 hundred hours you pull every man you have back into the palace. You guard every brick wire and bolt of this place. My family are your one and only priority. I will deal with this situation myself."

"Sir there's hundreds of thousands of them!"

"I only need to deal with one of them and the rest will no longer be a problem. Where was it my son was last spotted."

August 21st 2036

"My friends, the problem we all face is nothing short of total defeat here. We cannot place the source of the ongoing attacks on our nations capitals, we cannot source the apparent contagion that is spreading through the populace and we cannot be seen to harm the infected." Edward Windsor stands for a second looking around the room at the last of his remaining allies " We are beyond our capability to deal with this without the correct intel, and gathering this intel will only keep us from trying to slow the spread." Sitting back down his head fell into his hands. "Eddy we have a duty to our people to come up with a contingency plan to preserve as much as we can now." looking out through the gaps in his fingers Edward shakes his head "We save it all, heroes are supposed to save it all. if we cant do that we arent doing our jobs right. Call me when this nonsence is through and your serious about getting the job properly done. Untill then dont waste what little time we have." with that the former prince and now King of the British Isles shot from the room.

"Outbreak riots approaching London, cordons expected to fail within months without greatly increased man power. More tonight on the 9, oclock news"

"Kids come on its dinner time"

Sitting at the stately oak dinner table surrounded by the finer things Edward watched as his family came to join him. Arnold his straping son all jawline and dark features like his father , a promising young leader and respected keen mind also from his fellows at Oxford University . Followed by the unmistakable brown haired blur of Annabeth Windsor the six year old speedster all curls of hair and pink faced from her usual high speed games. "Annabeth Windsor !, what would your mother say?" Edward winked at his son who knew what was coming, looking up through the mess of curls Anna replied " No running in the Palac,e it wears out the Carpets. Iam sorry daddy." " Its ok Annie just remember its dangerous to use your abilties indoors, lets not forget accidents do happen and i dont want to see you getting hurt". Arnold smles at his father as he remembers his parents both telling him the same when he was her age. The Windsor's sit and enjoy their eligant meal and with its conclusion Edward walks to his his daughters room hand in hand with his youngest.

"Daddy do you still think about mummy?, i do. Do you miss her?" Lifting his daughter up he looks her in the eye as he crryies on walking " Every day Annie, every day. But i have you and your brother to take care of, and mummy would want me to focus on that" placing his youngest down in her bed he kisses her forehead smiles and leaves her " Goodnight Anna" heading back downstairs he hears the sound of cascadinging shattered glass as it shatters further still on the marble floor, turning towards the noise the king of England is greeted with a solid fist to the jaw. "You are not safe , your family isnt safe we can harm you or them any time we want. This is your one and only warning. Submit to us or be destroyed." Anger fills the king as he pulls himself up towards the intruder swinging his head at his opponent he shatters the unknown mans nose and lets his body drop to the floor unconscious. "GUARDS! GET HERE NOW!!!!" looking down at the body laying in front of him it takes every fibre of his being not to crush the life from it. An audiable sonic boom fills the air as Arnold appears in front of his father.

"Arnie take your sister and go to Champions City we still have a few friends there. London is no longer safe for you the battle is on our doorstep. Take my sword and my rings. Give the blue one to your sister." Handing arnold the silver ring from his finger he looked at his eldest son " it will help protect you, once you get to champions city use this device and it will lead you to a safehouse." after handing his son his former champion communicator. Hugging his children one last time Eddy looks them both in the eye " Stay safe , blend in and dont use your powers unless its life or death. Do you hear me Annabeth Windsor. Now go its not safe here."

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BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM the sound of the explosion travels fast and before his kids have even left the former champions eyes he spots the pillar of flame from the enbankment. Big ben was ablaze the war was really here in london.

Chapter 2 London Re-vamped ( ongoing work)

Amongest the damp and decaying decore of an undisclosed underground station two figures sit talking cloaked by the shadows of the forgotten station. "How will the cattle realise it is us behind these attacks if we dont show our faces". "Silence you muppet. If the elders say we keep quiet , we keep sodding quiet. Its all part of some grand scheme .You know how they are, just go with it and save yourself the trouble." The smaller of the two shakes his head " Well perhaps i think the elders need a new attitude, i will be dammed if iam following some ancient idiot because its just the way things are done. Idiots follow others,people with the facilty to think lead.". The larger of the two waves his hand in a downwards motion signally his friend to pipe down "Sure you run your mouth now while its just the two of us dont you Johhny big bollocks. Yet once you see an elder you toungue shrivels up and its brown trouser time. You need to realise that this plan isnt supposed to be rushed its the fucking end game, we are playing for keeps. the elders are just exercising the element of suprise. They expect the old blood and guts routine and thast why this plan will work." The smaller one smiles " i wish i had your faith, they still outnumber us and have their champions who are just as strong as anything we have."

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