Blood on the soul, but not on the hands


Centuries have dropped by my ever woken eyes like drops of rain in the storm of life. My mind a collection of velvety black still life photos interspersed by violent crimson explosions of lust and wrath. Visions of their faces forever stalk my peripheral vision, lurking just in my sight constantly the forever growing armies of the ghoulishly white undead. The many i sent to an early grave for my own selfish needs haunt  my every waking moment , is this my pennance for the life i have chossen to live ?. Should i have ended  the reign of terror before it begun ?, are the people i killed the collateral damage that inevitably comes from war?. Will the countless of my kind i have likewise sent to their graves mean anything in the balance of my crimes?. Is my existance as the man that i now am worthy of the prelonged life i have been given?. Pulling his head up Leon looked around his meager apartment,  no pictures nothing that comforted him just cold hard surfaces and his weapons littered the dull lines and curves of the furniture. Standing up  and walking over to the window a crack of light shines throught the tiny gap between the curtains. The sun was rising, soon he would have more control over himself. But with control there must be a purpose and Leon  had  only an impossible goal, the totally eradication of his kindred sleepless and soulless stalkers of mankind.

Daylight to sight , Night to fight

The city though bathed in the warming light of the sun still flet cold as ice to Leon, the city was just constant shades of metallic grey broken up by tiny sections of equally grey tinted glass. The city was souless both lacking the colour and variation of life.  The city was a reflection of himself once something beautiful and vibrant with the zest of life flowing through them, spreading  bright and colourfull sights as far as the eyes could see.  Now the city was a mass of monotonal buildings and streams of robot like people who just moved from home to work and back again, like a group of mindless worker ants for their various fat queen like employers. Leon was sickened at how the world had changed from his boyhood. Granted time changes things but wasnt change supposed to be for the better. This city was now full of shadows and the unmistakable hand of the deathless had obvioulsy been involved in making it this way.
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