Star Wars: Legacy reviews

Star Wars Legacy: War is only weeks away, and I've been thinking about reviewing the series, Star Wars Legacy. There's two ways I could do this. Review each issue individually, or as trade paperback. Trade paperback would seem like the easiest  way to do it, however, the last trade paperback, Extremes, doesn't come out till January '11. Individually would give people a chance to see what issues are great or not along with the story arcs. I started with issue 48, so that leaves 47 issues to go.
Oh, what the hey. I'll do it individually. I gotta a lot of writing to do before Legacy War comes out, so I'll think of a way of good pacing to review them all. I would also like to say that I already read all these issues for quite a while now, and my reviews are being based on when I first read each issue.

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