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 Real Name:  Gerald 'Buzz' Reynolds
Codename: DragonflyBoy
Age: 15
Height: 5'2"
Weight:  100 lbs. 
Wingspan: 8 ft. 
Blood type: …Green
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Aliases: Bug boy, Fly boy, Paleozoic, Buzz 
Nicknames: Buzz, Jerry, Ger, Gerard
Team Affiliation: N/A
Base of Operations: Chicago
Place of Birth: Idaho
Allies: Cellphonegirl 

Appearance and Civvies 

Hero--Gerald wears a green costume, with a deeper green 'interlaced' pattern running from his neck to his knees/inner thighs. His gloves (fingerless) and boots are of this same deep green. His cowl is an extension of his costume, covering the sides of his head (except for his ears), the back of his head, and his chin. His mask Is alternating dark green and yellow, with two inset goggle pieces, designed to look like a bug's eye. Two antennae protrude from the mask, and interface with his comms unit. His wings protrude from the back of the costume, allowing him to fly freely. 
Civvies: Gerald has two things he can't hide easily: his wings and his mandibles. He wears baggy clothes at all times. While his insectoid wings fold more easily than avian ones, they are still noticeable if he wears tight clothing. To disguise his mandibles, Gerald wears fake braces and miscellaneous orthodontia.  

Powers and Abilities  

Flight--Gerald is able to fly at high speeds by using his wings 
Bite---Gerald's teeth and mandibles are extremely sharp and strong…he can easily incapacitate a normal human with his bite 
Buzz---By vibrating his wings at different frequencies, he can shatter glass, confuse cameras and recorders, and give humans massive headaches and nosebleeds. 


Comm unit/radio band---Gerald has a high-tech comms unit that is also able to intercept radio transmissions. His false antennae pick up the necessary signals.


 Gerald is cheerful and happy-go-lucky, though prone to occasional bouts of depression. He's a bit naïve.


 The day Gerald Reynolds was conceived was the day of the locust swarm. They blacked out the sky, the Earth trembled with their buzzing. In rural Idaho, the locusts might well have been death itself. They would strip the Earth barren, and the more vicious ones would just as easily tear flesh from bone. So perhaps it was no wonder that in the face of demise Regina and Harold Reynolds took comfort in each other…and then the miraculous happened. As the dense black swarm rose over the horizon, a second one, glittering green, flew in from the opposite direction. A swarm of dragonflies. They ate the locusts, chased them away, then vanished into the distance.  
When the child was born, neither parent was surprised to see he had filmy wings, pasted to his back. After a few hours they dried, and began to flutter with the familiar buzz. If the unthinkable hadn't happened nine months before, Regina and Harold almost certainly would have killed the child as an abomination. But dragonflies had saved their lives, and this child was destined for something more. 
Several months later, at about the same time his baby teeth grew in, Gerald began to get his mandibles. Bony plugs had been growing beneath his skin, concerning his parents. They finally broke through the skin, sharp and shiny as a knife. 
It was difficult to get Gerald to walk…he had wings, had been fluttering around since shortly after he was born, why should he remain earthbound? His wings had to be bound to his back before he would so much as attempt to toddle. It was a rough few months, Gerald bursting into tears when he couldn't move fast enough. 
Trying as that was, school was worse. Not for Gerald…Gerald was perfectly happy. But figuring out ways to hide Gerald's mutations so that the teachers and students wouldn't pick on him? That took true innovation. Until he was old enough to conceivably use the fake braces that would become a staple of his everyday life, he just wore a Green Power Rangers helmet. All the time. This was fine with Gerald, who was a little obsessed anyway. Surprisingly, this went over very well, and he got through fourth grade without issue. Then he began with his fake dental wear, and all was well. 

Gerald began superheroics at age 13. There was very little crime in his part of rural Idaho, but he helped out around town, stopped a robbery once. Things seemed simple enough. It was at 13 ½ that Gerald got his first taste of losing. There was a pair of bandits that had been menacing the nearby towns. Their pattern was straightforward enough, and Gerald decided to stakeout by their most likely target. Unluckily, he guessed right. When the bandits arrived, he jumped them. They shot him. When he was down, they pistolwhipped him, and did much worse. Then they left him for dead. Ordinary police caught them the next town over.  
Gerald wasn't found for an hour after his failure. He had a gunshot wound to the stomach, multiple broken bones, and his wings were in tatters. The hospital barely saved him, but at the cost of revealing his identity. They told him to stop being a hero. He refused. The warbeat of the dragonflys' wings kept him going.  
It was this incident that forced Gerald's family to move out of Idaho, to Chicago. His father set up a garden store, his mother took a job as a barrista. Gerald remained bedridden for a time, then started school. He started heroics again. He would just have to be more careful in the future. It was around this time that he learned his wingbeats could cloud mens' minds, keep them from firing their weapons.  
He found the comms unit in his backpack on day. He never figured out who gave it to him. It proved invaluable. 
How will the young hero fare in the big city? Only time will tell.