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@dreadstroke: I dont believe in post order :P but thanks lol

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Courageously meeting the meteorite head on Athalia directs her fist forward striking with herculean force the rock shatters into a thousand shards. Broken down to dust Athalia manages to stop the attack. This leaves her open however to the opening portion of Azyl's move. Although she managed to stop time before impact hit to hard some of it was inescapable and Althalia found herself laying on her back nursing a half cooked hand as the buss sped off. Each side had gotten their licks in but it was time the King of kings and his jade rook moved on to other things. His time in the Chicago mob had gotten him far but it was time that Salvatore made for bigger steps.

Meanwhile the prison was beginning to fall back into the control of the law. Nobody wanted to fight Sussano, his power it seemed inhuman. Although Wes looked like a human the guy had just shown he could shoot comets out of his hand. And while Athalia may have surprisingly had the physical might to punch such a monstrous attack most other inmates couldn't fathom even trying such an action. Azyl meanwhile displayed a variety of powers more importantly burned hot enough to rival if not surpass the fallen demon. While most inmates didn't know force from telekinesis they had seen that the emerald haired arrival had crazy powers they couldn't match and wasn't here to help the other prisoners.

Worst though most would say was Katraya and her forces and the dragon. What they'd performed was a slaughter, sure Taylor wasn't going in all lethal so she could smooth things over the difference between how the dragon executed and crippled was a hard distinction to make. Meanwhile the law that the Sacred Order brought was a fist clad in iron that only knew how to hit hard. Gore splattered messes barely described what the OVK did when its massive rounds penetrated unguarded flesh. For those who didn't get away with Salvatore hope of escape was a dream crushed to a point of un-recognizability. So it was that the dragon leapt from her spot in the guard tower above. "I wouldn't try the whole disagreement thing again." Taylor commented with a hint of jest in her tone. As bad as going to jail was it'd turned out to have an enjoyable enough ending. Shame Salvatore got away, that though was a lesser issue for another time.

"Make it quick Jess, Ive a friend to go thank when you're done."

(outside of probably a reply to Outlaw thats the last post. Was fun, didn't go according to plan but thats kind of the charm to rp)

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"I'm saying keep it to a minimum not non lethal. There's a difference" the dragon remarked with a bounce to her voice. The inmates were in predominantly three areas. The cafeteria, the yard, or heading to the exits to either try their hand at escape or at least provide cover for Salvatore. And a healthy majority would be armed, being non lethal wasn't really an option in Fang's book just had to be restrained. Anyone bloody but not wounded she considered expendable, the rest were to be cautious of. To much of a body count would suggest a monster and not an unlikely hero.

As her and Katraya made it to the fenced off section leading to a guard tower the pandemonium was quite clear. A decent mob filled the path leading to the tower, around the corner could be heard anothe mob looking to show up. "Should be fun, I'll take one side you get the other. Better gear and armament it was clear Katraya was best getting those heading this way and Taylor going for the tower. Placing her heel on the brass door the dragon kicked it open with all her might. The heavy door slammed into the back of a thug's head.

Switching the AR15 to full auto Taylor opened fire in a downward angle, letting a clip pepper the legs of the mass of criminals. Ripping apart the knees and tendons of those imediately ahead. Stopping the barage at just one round left she took time to aim at a portion of barbed wire. With that she let the clip fall and a new magazine slide in as she hastily climbed the chai link fence. With a switch back to single fire and a tug on the barbed wire Taylor began her next act.

Inspired by her idol Jessica Rook, Taylor would walk along the fence in a feat of balance. Meanwhile the assault rifle would bark and the barbed wire would lash. Bladed cord would rip at hands, and tear at faces looking to maim as many as possible and leaving a gross trail of carmine in it's wake. Meanwhile the firearm let its bullets spear through the skulls of the more vile cast. Near the end of the path leading to the tower the dragon by her count only had half a clip left. And as such she'd repeat the first step jumping from the fence she sprayed once more at the lower half of any heading her way. Knowing the gun could still be used as a bludgeoning instrument by inmates Taylor tossed it over the fence to prevent further use now that she'd expended the limited amunition she had.

This the dragon was all to find with, favoring melee the pistol and barbed wire was more befitting of her style. And much to her delight a fair share of inmates were attempting to climb the stairs. The barbed wire coiled around the ankle of an inmate, yanking him off his feet. Face colored the otherwise grey steps as the vigilante moved forward. A pair of gunshots followed and then her makeshift whip found its way around the throat of a larger man further up. Tugging tightly to obtain a hold the dragon climbed the wire briefly struggling to whip the weapon free. Her next few moves just expended the clip of the pistol while using it for striking purposes along the way. This to was to the dragon's delight however as the last prisoner on the stairs had been so lucky as to obtain a fire axe. Wrapping the barbed wire loosely around her fist and rotating the pistol to properly pistol-whip the inmate she met him with a smile.

He was quick to swing, a sloppy overhand which she met with a whip to the wrist weakening his hold. She followed up with a punch to the inner thigh tearing at the leg the inmate lost some of his footing making for an even worse second swing. A careful side step and then Taylor's fist sank into the man's jaw. In classical ferocity of her namesake the Dragonfang more dragged it free by running along the contours of the face as opposed to just ripping it free. The only reason she rushed the final tug free was to grab the axe before it fell. And with that Taylor had made it to the top of the spire. Her first action being to check on the security staff and then to check on Katraya. As eager as the dragon was to spill blood she'd insure on the wellbeing of her allies first.

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did a thing
did a thing

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Somewhere In Chicago

Assisting the team directly was outside of the comfort of anonymity of Arenaceus' actions. For the team of unknowns to be hired the techno terror needed to reside well within the domain of established good or at least ordinary interest. Visiting prisons only for friendly visits, going to police stations for information on potential criminals to capture and so on. There was no way that the violet haired virtual vixen would be a verdict of vilianous behavior. She could however contribute to her teams success, for technology was an ever exploitable marvel.

On the outskirts of Chicago next to an old power line was a broken down sports car, the kind not intended for the dirt road. Laying on the hood with a laptop resting on her chest Aren provided a particular image. A city girl to absorbed in technology and luxury to avoid an idiotic mishap. While she painted visuals of someone who screwed up however she also began a hacking process fit to aid the team in the coming moments.

From her position her connection wasn't great, her vantage points small and finite in capability. However as of yet nobody in the hired circuit of help showed an inclination in technological security. Meanwhile Aren had taken to using her unique abilities to distance herself from the stereotypical users to excel at a different craft. From the gift of shatterpoint Aren could locate week points in most things, her specialty was in computer systems. Places where coding was weak, where the circuits were in need of repair and so on. She identified these to slip through the cracks and briefly obtain control. From her distance it wouldn't be much, it would however change the prison into an instantaneous clusterf--- for those around.

Power went out, and all the cell doors were set to open. Back up generators would kick in and take control of the situation in roughly half a minute maybe two at max. They were prepared and she could only do so much, however from this every inmate would theoretically have a chance to raise some hell. Not everyone would, after all this wasn't maximum security good behavior could get them out sooner. With Sal wanting back up, the Dragon in waiting, personal interests, and the new sexy nuns with guns around many a crook was willing to try and seize the day.

Within the Prison

"Countdown for rioting in five..."

The doors had opened, not every one of them but more then anyone in the role of security would like. Taylor wasn't about to go trying to gut the lawmen or jumping the prison fences. However there was no denying that she was surounded by terrible people who didn't want to change. In addition Salvatore still needed his throat split open by her fangs. So it was time the vigilante got up and stepped into the hallway.

Most of her block was out getting dinner at the time the few not attending thankfully wanted to stay inside. Taylor for the moment didn't need to take drastic action, perfect for her to begin the search. Concealing most her shivs she kept one in hand. A precaution should she stumble into anything major. For now however she was non combative, her defenses yet to take their enchanting influence.

Staying low, out of site of Windows and as clear of camera feed as possible. Ideally she'd prefer to go to Services and collect her personal selection of weaponry. Distance between her cell and that however was outside the realm of possibility, eventually she'd stumble upon a fight. Odds were it would be sooner then later to so instead she'd move toward the armory. Not only were such places usually well stalked for riots like the one on the horizon. But with the expected trouble to come from a mob boss and vigilante they had stored up even more of an arsenal. Taylor would settle for the left overs, from there she'd look to get to where the riot would be. She'd assist the officers as much as possible minus one person who she was going after with only the attention to kill regardless who got in her way.

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ninja'd by small posts >.> . But its close enough to mine that i wont edit
ninja'd by small posts >.> . But its close enough to mine that i wont edit

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@icefire_outlaw: @nightwarden17: @ali_sani_bashir: @the_dark_spider: @jason_ford:

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Her retort was quick, a series of kunai were hurled by the dragon in an instant. Crossing the short distance of the few stairs between the two women in fractions of a second. None of the blades sought vital points of Jesse, they did look to impair movement though. Blades that looked to sink into joints ripping at arms and legs. Each blade had no mass as they passed through the air. Almost nonexistent that was until they passed through the space where a body was. It wasn't a stab or a thrust but blades looking to materialize into existence within the outlaw. But the mobsters were always a clever sort and in the swift retaliation of Taylor, Salvatore looked to escape. This gave the dragon an idea however as comm chatter filled her ear.

"while you try and play the romantic and show sympathy the target retreats. Surrenders to the law cause he knows as well as I it wont do any good." Leaping over the railing to quickly return to the window she'd entered from the dragon gives chase. A series of darts strike her a perfect trio of shots as she leaps into the cold night. They don't pierce her skin, but if they had it'd of been the veins directly. She might of dropped then and there if not for the rush of combat that enchanted her agile form. "Don't worry about the cops, think I've a way to make us all happy with this shit show." She remarked into the comms as she removed the device and crushed it. She didn't want to let things track back to the dysfunctional squad. Crashing on the hood of the car the redhead stood up letting the thrill of combat leave her, as she did scarlet hair danced as Taylor's face rocked pack from a fist.

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Raising her blood stained blades Taylor let the weapons drop and wiped the blood from her now busted lip. "Well that was rude, striking a girl like that. I give up ya arachnid themed reject. I was the one responsible for the murders, wanted to make it so Salvatore had nobody to turn to but the Bishop's. I surrender." The Bishop family had been tied to crime syndicates elsewhere in the states. After the now deceased vigilante Jessica Rook the previous Dragonfang killed Taylor's father there wasn't much left to the family name. Taylor had been gone for sometime, it added up that she'd go off to prepare for a violent take over. The blood on her blades matched the life fluid of the various dead, her fingerprints were on the murder weapons. They'd have no reason to think anything other then a mob dispute that vigilantes stopped before things went to far. Course the car distraction was out of her explanation, but two drunk idiots might just be thought of as that. "I hope we can share the same car out of here Salvatore" she commented as the sirens grew close. Of course though she was letting herself be defanged as her blades fell away, it went without saying that she'd be out for blood be it in the car ride. Or in the prisons that couldn't hold people like her or Salvatore for long. Let Jesse have her citizens arrest to sedate her broken sense of justice. And Taylor could have true justice when she was away from the nonlethal cowards she mistakingly joined up with.

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@icefire_outlaw: @knight101: @dr_halloween: @nightwarden17: @jason_ford:@ali_sani_bashir:@roddi_bonaparte: @rey_everdeen: @kingeditor: @the_dark_spider: @contingency:

Her eyes an emerald inferno her blades still posed to strike in a moment the dragon shook one of her headphones free so to let the lecturing cowards lecture. Her opinions of them growing ever more venomous with every syllable. As the AI got the dragon to listen the warden was swift to arrive and speak. Machines that still lingered in her throat tried there best to contain the violent vigilante's mindset. There wasn't any chance of that happening however though willing to listen to them speak briefly, she was feeling more alive then ever and it'd take more then a few lingering nano machines to sedate the rush. And there wasn't anything in her biology to target no ancient runes or magic chains. To remove the few buffs Taylor had one would likely have to target the other dimensional valkyrie that watched over her.

"Not a coward you say. Yet you try to disarm me and paralyze rather then fight. Walk around with all your tech and tell me its preservation. Your just afraid of things not going your way.My legend ends dishonorably? Why because I look to end the life of someone who's imprisonment means nothing? The law doesn't work for men like him. Take everything and still his name will buy his luxury or freedom. So take every thug away if you want. Arrest every mob lackey still alive. But I'm taking Salvatore's head. So the warden and outlaw can either step aside, or stop resorting to tricks and fight me like somebody worth my time. Either way"

"no more talking."

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had to rush it a bit cause family wants to go do stuff, but got something up. Sorry for delays