marvel's top 10 teams

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Posted by RoninTheFury

I think the new team "Annihilators"(Gladiator, Quasar, Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, and Ronan the Accuser) are going to be an amazing team also, even if they only gather intermittently.

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Posted by Chesapeake

Come on, you are missing X-Factor :P
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Posted by papad1992

And most importantly.... where's X-Force!?!? And WHY is Young X-Men on this list!?!? That was a horrible book that ruined some characters!!! I think u mean to put New X-Men back in 2006 which basically consisted of the X-Students (Surge, Hellion, Pixie, Rockslide, Elixir, Dust, Gentle, X-23, Prodigy, Anole, and Mercury)!! Best teenage book IMO!!!!