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Name- Duke Niles (Cicada)

Height- 5'10

Weight- 170

Hair- Red

Eye Color- Green

Age- 28

Back Story

Duke Niles was a troubled young man who was juggling between jobs to save up for college and to pay for his sick mother hospital bills. He finally found a good steady job, testing equipment for the former super empire known as LinkTech. Although he was making good money his mother died in the hospital. Duke falls into a depression and to make things worse Duke finds out that LinkTech gave his mother the virus in the first place as a way to manipulate his life. At LinkTech last moments when another who was manipulated by LinkTech ended up destroying the company Duke was able to steal the sound based suit called Cicada. Now Duke lives in Boston and does what he can to save civilians and other who have been manipulated. He also has a steady career as a boxer.

Cicada Suit

Duke has had a series of different suits. First was from LinkTech, the second was the upgraded version of his suit which he stole again from LinkTech, and now he has a new advanced suit made of vibranium nanobots embedded in his body. The suit can form around his body and over his clothes at anytime. The suit still has the unique sound abilities such has sonic frequencies that range to deadly blasts, hacking enemy radios, and even manipulate certain animals at times. Also has radar, able to alter sound making his surroundings silent (up to a limited radius), and ease dropping on his enemies,. The suit also has flight capabilities and can make saber and shield constructs (has lethal and nonlethal mode). The suit is also made out of vibranium and it's helmet has an air filter. Duke has been able to change the colors on his suit, and has still yet to discover the full capabilities of his suit mysterious suit.

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