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Much More Than An Origin Story 0

4/5Bloodshot #0 gives a look back at the evolution of Bloodshot from the one person designated to turn a killing machine into a killer with a heart of gold.In the current telling of Bloodshot, he is a military project that has turned against his directive and now fights against those who created him. Issue #0 is a history lesson beginning in 1992 and told by the architect charged with giving Bloodshot a soul giving us a unique perspective on the tale. Bloodshot is dedicated to his task but anyon...

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The Road to UNITY has Begun 0

4.5/5X-O Manowar #16 is the kickoff to the latest offering from Valiant as the road to Unity has begun.Aric is still dealing with the fallout of Planet Death as he begins the unthinkable task of reclaiming his homeland of Dacia for his people in modern-day Romania. As he continues to struggle with his plan, his friend from sixteen centuries ago, Gilad, the Eternal Warrior, tries to make him see the error of his ways. While Gilad has seen the rise and fall of civilizations, Aric is blinded by the...

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I Love Trouble goes out on a high note! 0

4.5/5This is the final issue of I Love Trouble and while it will be sorely missed it goes out on a high note!I was sad to hear from writer/creator Kel Symons that this would be the final issue of I Love Trouble. It’s such a witty, fun book with a light current of underlying social commentary and heart. The beginning of this issue flashes back to Baghdad 923 A.D. and a young servant running from “death.” Cut to present day Baghdad and Felicia having a bit of fun fleeing from her latest assassinat...

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Shadowman #8 Review 0

Shadowman has been one of many top shelf book in the Valiant stable and issue #8 in the series continues the story of Jack Boniface’s fight with Master Darque.Shadowman has taken his fight with Mater Darque to the Deadside and once he witnesses how Darque can manipulate the souls trapped will he lose all hope to save Dox and defeat Darque? Not a chance, however, he realizes he is in a realm he doesn’t quite understand and Darque’s power here is devastating. Dox has been trapped in the Deadside a...

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Lazarus is one tough cookie 0

The world of comics has been missing the wonderfully edgy creations of writer Greg Rucka since his final five issue wrap-up of Punisher: War Zone. Now he’s back with all the grit and toughness Rucka is known for bringing to his stories and characters.Lazarus is the story of a future where the world is no longer divided by political or geographic lines but rather financial ones. This is the 1% on steroids and each family has a protector called a Lazarus. The Carlyle’s protector is named Forever.F...

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Planet Death ends on a high note 0

X-O Manowar #14 is the final chapter of ‘Planet Death.’ Can Aric unite enemies and free his people or will the Vine council final destroy the X-O armor once and for all?Writer Robert Venditti has written an intriguing, exciting and satisfying story arc with ‘Planet Death.’ In this final chapter the VIne council reveals to the priest the truth behind why the X-O armor has never been successfully worn by any Vine and why they never will. What is of interest is how the priest’s faith is challenged ...

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"Uncanny" is uncanny! 0

If you were as bummed as I was at the announcement earlier this year of Andy Diggle leaving Action Comics then it’s time to rejoice because he is back with the new series, Uncanny, and it’s classic Diggle and does not disappoint.In Uncanny #1 we meet Mr. Weaver and from the first few panels it’s clear he’s not the most ethical of characters. Involved in a poker game and about to pull the trigger on a hustle, Mr. Weaver is a guy who looks out for number one. However, he ends up being the one on t...

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The Massive Gets Deep 0

Part two of the “Polaris” story arc has the crew of the Kapital ravaged and now they are faced with a new danger from mother nature. Find out if Captain Israel’s mission still worth the losses he must endure.Writer Brian Wood continues to do great work for Dark Horse and The Massive is proof positive. Last issue the majority of Cal Israel’s crew abandoned the ship and the mission to find The Massive. Only a handful are standing by his side and at this point it truly starts to feel like a lost ca...

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The Best is "East of West" 0

EAST OF WEST #2 (5/5)Jonathan Hickman (W) Nick Dragotta (A) Frank Martin (C)Issue two of East of West is quite simply one of the best comics on the shelves this week. Writer Jonathan Hickman’s set-up of “Death” being hunted down by the remaining three horsemen as they position the governmental power structure, to assure the destruction of all things, is both deeply engaging and exciting. Normally long sequences of dialogue bore me quickly but the the scene between Death and Chamberlin on the fin...

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Diggle Knocks Superman Out of the Park! 1

We’ve all heard the news stories by now. “DIggle walks away from Action Comics.” While we can speculate ad nauseam about why, we should focus on what he was able to do with Action Comics #19.What the headlines should be saying now is, “Diggle knocks Superman out of the park!” This story arc begins with Lois and Clark in Qurac in the Middle East during a media blackout but that, of course, does not stop Lois from getting information out. Andy Diggle’s depiction of Lois is a return to the hard-nos...

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Zombie Goodness..with a Twist 0

Highly detailed work with zombies, horror and violence is nothing new in comics but in the hands of artist Jeff Zornow and writer Mark Kidwell rarely has the horror been as vivid as it is in ’68: Jungle Jim.This is the first time I have picked up a ’68 title, and while it turned out to be a great place to jump on, I am only sorry I haven’t picked any of them up until now. As a first time reader, the image of a one-man killing machine in a gas mask was not only cool but also shocking with the rev...

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As Good As It Gets! 0

Snapshot has been a non-stop action ride, murder mystery. Simply put, comics don’t get any more exciting and fun than this.Andy Diggle knows how to write action. Snapshot has sped along at break-neck clip not only in its psychical action but reveals and plot twists. Issue three has Jake and Callie trapped in Keller’s crime camp and what they stumble upon is another twist and a major blow to Callie’s rapidly unraveling reality. Jake now feels like a character that has lost all he can without losi...

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Luther vs. Jack! 0

Issue number three of The Legend of Luther Strode was one of the few issues, so far, that slows down long enough to briefly explain the history of Luther’s powers and his connection to Binder. Issue four jumps right into the bloody, violent and action-packed battle Luther has with Jack and the fun is just beginning. Binder joins the fight and it rages on with reckless abandon with the single bit of new knowledge revealed to Petra that Binder wants to save Luther not kill him. Hard to believe sin...

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Justice League Meets It's Match 0

Justice League of America #2 ReviewThe first issue of the Justice League of America was the set-up, issue two is the knock-out with enough mystery, fun and action to make this one of the most well-rounded books out now. Writer Geoff Johns has not only taken on a group of what most would consider secondary characters and put out a spin-off book but given these characters real purpose and true depth.The story kicks off with Scarecrow being recruited by the Secret Society, and as Johns does best, g...

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High Praise for High Crimes 0

HIGH CRIMES #2 ReviewHIGH PRAISE FOR HIGH CRIMES!5/5When HIGH CRIMES first came to my attention I was pleasantly surprised and I have been chomping at the bit since the final page of issue #1 for more. Now it’s here and issue #2 does not disappoint. Issue one was a great set-up story of Haskell and Zan and their partnership as grave robbers and tourist’s guides in the high altitude of Kathmandu. Their grave robbing business gets the wrong kind of attention when they find the body of a government...

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Bloody Great Mess! 0

Phabula #1Monkeybrain comics launches a new series this week called Phabula from creator Dalton Rose. This title starts in fifth gear and you are thrown in the middle of what feels more like a third or fourth rather than number one. Although, in this case, that’s not a bad thing.The book starts with in The Bleary Desert at a gathering of giant wolf monster creatures in the middle of a burning sacrifice. Suddenly the group is stunned when the head of one of the monsters flies into frame after bei...

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Wasting No Time 0

RATING: 4.5/5Snapshot #1Writer Andy Diggle and artist Jock (Mark Simpson) take on the crime/mystery comic with SNAPSHOT. The plot starts off simply enough when Jake, a comic shop employee, finds a cell phone on his way to the “Near-Mint Rhino.” The name of the comic book shop alone hooked me. From there it’s a simple conversation between Jake and his friend Steve. Diggle nails the comic shop dialogue between good friends and all the geek-speak that it involves.Things go from normal to life-threa...

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Score: 8/10Batman: The Dark Knight #16 adds new artist Ethan Van Sciver and what an addition he his. Don’t get me wrong I am a big fan of David Finch’s art but not in recent memory has an artist change boost my level of interest in a single book as this one. I have this series on my pull-list but the cover alone is so dynamic and detailed I would have grabbed this off the shelf in a heartbeat. And as far as Batman’s rogues go, I am less familiar with the Mad Hatter than most. On the surface he h...

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Nice Start 0

7.5/10Marvel NOW has been a success for the most part but I was uncertain of Uncanny X-Force starting a new run after the unbelievable Rick Remender run. But in the new age of comics ALL good things come to an end. NOW after finally reading the first issue, with Sam Humphries writing and Ron Garney on pencils, my hope is reborn anew!The first issue is an action packed romp from the beginning. Adding Puck into the mix kept the fun that Deadpool and Fantomex brought to the last series. Sure that's...

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Digital Surprise 0

I am not a big gamer and I am always skeptical of "digital firsts" especially one built on the premise of a video game. I do realize though that my bias against digital firsts is irrational since many I have purchased have been quite entertaining and the 99 cent price tag makes it hard to pass by. “Injustice, God’s Among Us” is based on the upcoming April release of the Mortal Kombat style video game. Having only seen the trailer and extended game play video I was intrigued by what the possible ...

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Top Notch Tie-In 0

4.5/5"Death of the Family" is massive or at least feels that way with all the tie-in books. Scope is rarely a problem but it is the one flaw of this event. It's just too much at times. That said, you don't need to get all the books to get the main story of Batman's battle with the Joker but as a collector it's hard for me to pass on any tie-in issue. Of all the titles involved, however, Batgirl would be on the top of my list. Batgirl #16 continues Joker's assault on Barbara and his twisted, biza...

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