Wednesday's Stack - Jan. 16

New comic book day. Gotta love it! I average 8 - 10 books per week and Wednesday's stack had a little bit of everything for my hard earned dollars. I started on Tuesday with the digital exclusive release of "Injustice, God's Among Us." The comic based on the upcoming April release of the Street-Fighter style video game. Having only seen the trailer and extended game play video I was intrigued by the possible storyline. The Man of Steel now runs the world with an iron fist as told to us by Batman. Flashback 5 years prior to Superman's rule and a surprise attack on

Lois Lane that sets the events in motion. Nice set-up and hard to pass by for .99 cents.

Wednesday's stack included, Batman #16, Batgirl #16, and Batman and Robin #16 all part of the "Death of the Family" cross-over. A "He'l on Earth" tie-in book, Superboy #16 and from Marvel, All-New X-Men #6 and Captain America #3. Finally Image's, Saga #9 and The Black Beetle #1 from Dark Horse Comics.

All told the week was pretty stellar haul. The Bat-books continue to be top-notch with Batman and Batgirl excelling in both Scott Synder and Gail Simone's writing. Greg Capullo's still illustrates the best and scariest Joker among all the Bat-artists. I do wish Ed Benes would complete an entire book even though Daniel Sampere's work is also quite good. All-New X-men continues to be one of my favorite Marvel Now titles and new artist David Marquez's work is fantastic!

Without question Brian K. Vaughan and Fina Staples' Saga continues to be some of the best work in comics today. Issue 9 focuses on The Will's rescue of Slave Girl and new character, Gwendolyn, as they continue the search for Alana, Marko and Hazel. This issue is a great example of the multi-layered story of Saga and the imagination and creativity of the different characters, alone, are worth making this book a must have on anyone's pull-list. Finally, a very nice surprise from off-the-rack was "The Black Beetle." I am a big fan of noir and if you are too then this book is a great find. The Black Beetle is on a stake-out of a meeting between Colt City's biggest crime families when a mysterious attack occurs taking out several key crime figures and injuring our hero. Following his leads to an Alcatraz style prison, housing the worst Colt's City has to offer, The Black Beetle finds himself as a prime suspect in a murder scene. Creator Fancessco Francavilla combines enough grit, camp and mystery to make this "pulp" in all the best ways. I anticipate good things to come from this series.

Superboy was really the only low-light of my stack. The story classic "over-expalining" of what was is happening every panel and oddly without progressing the story very much. I also was not a big fan of Iban Coello's art which serves to distract me from the story. The "He'l on Earth" event overall has been mostly a disappointment in my book but I will ride the story out and hope that the overall story is worth it. Otherwise I highly recommend all the books in my stack! Happy Wednesday!

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