Wednesday Stack - Preview 2013-01-23

Here is what I will be picking up at my local comics shop on the 23rd.

BEDLAM #3 Image Comics - 3.50: Regardless of the similar "Joker" feel I am enjoying the story so far.

BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN #6 - DC COMICS - 3.99: I'm sure this series will just continue to be great!

BIRDS OF PREY #16 - DC COMICS - 2.99: Always been a fan of this book. Looking forward to how their new team member blends in.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #16 - DC COMICS - 3.99: "Throne of Atlantis" got off to a great start. Don't see it slowing down here.

NIGHTWING #16 - DC COMICS - 2.99: DOTF Tie-In "A must have" Just below par with the Batgirl Tie-In. Still very good.


SUPERBOY ANNUAL #1 - DC COMICS - 4.99: Losing me rapidly. This book better pick up quick. Or I'm done with it.

SUPERGIRL #16 - DC COMICS - 2.99: I can hang with this story for a few issues longer. Critics a lot harder on this series than I feel necessary.

THE ANSWER! #1 - DARK HORSE COMICS - 3.99: Looks like a fun Dark Horse pick-up (off the rack though)

UNCANNY AVENGERS #3 - MARVEL COMICS - 3.99: Book has been late and needs a defibrillator to keep me from dropping it.

UNCANNY X-FORCE #1 - MARVEL COMICS - 3.99: Can't possibly hope it's equal to what Rememder did with last run but will give the Marvel Now a ride.

WONDER WOMAN #16 - DC COMICS - 2.99: Great book all round. Looking for more of the same!