Nightwing #1 "Seeing Red Again" Part 1

Nightwing #1

"Seeing Red Again" Part 1


Gotham had been to it's usual insanity. No one knew what had happened. No one bothered to focus on her death. The death of a young girl, who was a daughter of the Cluemaster, she was uncared for. Cluemaster on the other hand knew. Arthur Brown Knew. And he had fingers pointed, with people following his orders. He was out to find who killed his daughter, there had already been three assaults on the Penguin, and that is where This story begins.


I stood high upon a rooftop looking down at the Iceberg Lounge, the fancy cars, and limos pulling up. The people inside mocking the homeless man who stands there singing while playing his guitar. He stays there, even when security beats him away, that doesn't stop him. And it makes me proud, proud to know that not all of Gotham isn't cruel and hateful. I yawned loudly, I had been there for hours, still nothing. The other Bat family members where taking there own tasks, Tim went on his own quest for revenge... Revenge on the man who killed Stephanie brown, and yet no one knew who it was. The only one who saw was Tim, he arrived as she called for back up... He was too late. All we know is she ran into something she couldn't handle. Jason wasn't talking to any of us, he was off, trying to block off that it didn't bother him. Barbara was with Bruce... Searching, hunting more likely... For any leads. And I sit here watching out in case there is another attack on Cobblepot.


The sound echo'd through alleyways. People scattered out of the Lounge. I made my way down, rooftop to rooftop, until then crashing in through a window. Civilians screamed for help, as Cobblepot pointed an angry finger directly to me. I couldn't explain that I did nothing, there was no time, I would have been hit by then. His goons opened fire on me, late enough for me to take cover behind a flipped table. Flames where spreading throughout the lounge, Many minor explosives where placed all around, Oswald was lucky the roof was still up. The exit was blocked, the rich where pushing and shoving to get out, but it was sealed shut with a large Red X... That's when I felt hairs of concern stick up on the back of my neck. Xynothium, I remember it so well. I also remember locking the suit up for good. Bullets continued to range out, and I needed time to get everything under control. The three goons began to reload, and looked to each other followed by a question "Did we get 'em?" Penguin was long gone now, outside trying to escape alive. The goons approached, and tear gas canisters rolled beneath there feet. I leaped out, one leg delivering a kick to the closest goon's jaw. I heard the snap of it, of the result, the result of my attack. "Sometimes I forget my own strength." I mumbled to myself, this was a good way to take out all my anger after what happened. Soon the other two where taken care of, and then it was time to get this door open. "Move Now!" I shouted at the rich who pushed to get out of the way as it became harder to breathe. Three explosive wing dings didn't do it unfortunately. But it did enough that all it would take now is a hard tug from the other side. I saw the homeless man's face, the man's face who saved lives. The civilians sprinted out as the place began to collapse, and yet I still ask the question, "Where is Red X?"

Outside is where things got worst. I could see The limo in the distance, and Penguin screaming "Drive!" But he was too late, and sadly for him didn't see that Xynothium covered the driver's mouth, as his head was rested on the wheel, already dead. Out of nowhere I saw the suit, out of nowhere it came out, landing on top of the limo denting it severely. His fist crashed through the window reaching for Cobblepot. My Escrima stick launched out at his hand and that's when I got his attention. "What do you want? Are you jealous because I found this thing?" The voice sounded exactly as how I remembered it. "No." I replied simply. "I'm angry." I then added. I couldn't hold the Cocky smirk back from my face knowing the joy in fighting him, but I remembered who I was facing, and I won't lie I became nervous. My fists clenched and Red X popped his knuckles simply. I leaped at him, while he follows with a simple side step, then deflecting my leg weep, and slamming the heal of his foot onto my nose. Underneath Penguin climbed into the front seat, throwing the the dead previous driver out and slammed on the gas pedal. I felt the blood pouring out my nose and that didn't help my anger. I took a wing-ding from my gauntlet and stabbed it into the hood of the car to keep me there as he drove away, and Red X got knocked off. I looked back and he seemed to be standing perfectly still and normal. And then a slight bow which confused me at first until I looked back ahead to see a large X blocking the alley exit that cobblepot crashed right into. I was knocked off the roof of the limo, and rolled off of now the hood. 3 broken rips and a nose. Great. I stood up with hope, one hand on my side, and I kept my eyes open for as long as I could until collapsing. I let my rage get the better of me, and that is what brought me to the ground, with Cobblepot missing and Red X getting away. How worst could things get?